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Thai national team riders Still doing good work consistently. In the long-distance two-wheeled machine “Tour de Taiwan 2022”

Thai national team riders Still doing good work consistently. In the long-distance two-wheeled battle “Tour de Taiwan 2022”, the list of points accumulated to the 2024 Olympic Games in France by “Warut Pakkratok” wearing the fighter’s heart to the finish line ranks 5th in Asia and all the riders are in 7th place in the 4th stage, a distance of 155.6 km. On the “Coach Nop” side, Pol Col Adisak Wannasri, the head coach, revealed that there is still 149.83 km left in the final stage competition. the Thai national team should produce good results as before. to collect as many Olympic Games points as possible

“Sek. Ink” General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association of Thailand Revealed Under the Royal Patronage that according to the Cycling Sports Association sent the Thai national team athletes Participate in the long-distance cycling race “Tour de Taiwan 2022” at the UCI level 2.1 in Taiwan. Which is a collection of points selected for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France, recently received a report from “Coach Nop” Pol.Lt Colonel Adisak Wannasri, head coach of the Thai national team.

Until the competition on October 5, this is the 4th stage competition, a distance of 155.6 km, which is a route that mainly rides up the mountain. Lt. Col. Adisak Wannasri, the head coach of the Thai national team, said that about The results from this stage 4, Thai national team riders can continue to perform satisfactorily. During the finish line, “Arm”, Mr. Warut Pakkratoke, always leads the group. Masprint then reached the finish line in 7th place, together with the other riders in a large group of 36 people, all of them doing 3.37.32 hours of the same time. In addition, Warut also got 5th place riders from Asia Considered as an athlete with a heart full of fighters. Fourth stage champion Raymond Krader of Uguio, 2nd place Mohammad Harrief Saleh of Terengganu Polygon, 3rd Luke Lamperti of Trinity Racing Team

Although other Thai national team riders, “Choei”, Lt Gen Pathomphob Phon Arttan, 16th place, “Aom” Mr Ratchanon Yaowarat, 32nd place at 3.37.32 hours and “Game” Mr Nopchai Klaan, 47th place at 3.38 .08 hours , Pol. Lt. Col. Adisak went on to say that “The game in Stage 4 is mostly a mountain game. But Thai riders did well, with Warut Pakkratok in 7th and 5th among Asian riders. He is considered to be in the top 10 of more than 60 athletes who took part in the competition, while Pathomphob Phon Arttan and Ratchanon Yaowarat are showing good form. Cycling on the islands leads along the way. For the race, Stage 5, which is the last stage, a distance of 149.83 km, a circuit race. spinning around the lake It is expected that the Thai riders should have a satisfactory performance before the end of the race. to collect as many Olympic Games points as possible I would like to ask the brothers and sisters of the Thai people to send their hearts and minds to encourage all Thai national team riders.”

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