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The 7 best web hosting features you need for your first business site

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When creating your first business website, selecting the right hosting is one of the essential decisions to make. However, this can be a challenging task, with many hosting companies offering various features.

This article focuses on six must-have hosting features for your first business website. These features help you sort your options and choose the best one for you.

1. Excellent 24/7 customer support

Most importantly, look for hosting companies with excellent 24/7 customer support. With a great reputation, the team is able to help you with any problems you encounter. Plus, 24/7 availability means they’re ready at any time, even at the most unlikely time.

Some of the benefits you get from excellent customer support are troubleshooting while installing your preferred platform, updates, troubleshooting bugs or malfunctions, and other questions related to your website. Most importantly, they do it quickly because they understand that time is money.

Research different hosting companies and find out how their customer support works. Learn about response times and contact methods, chat, email, phone call or all three. You can go to their websites or Trustpilot.com to choose based on their customer reviews.

2. Guaranteed uptime

Your web hosting must guarantee a high uptime. Uptime is measured by the percentage it refers to every time your website is available. Therefore, whenever your website is down and unavailable, it refers to downtime. For example, if a website has 98% uptime, the downtime is 2%.

The 2% downtime may not seem like much now, but when it does, you will see that the minimum acceptable uptime is 99%. Guaranteed uptime is essential because it greatly affects the performance of your website. Websites with higher downtime rank poorly on search engines and create a bad user experience.

Choose and settle for web hosting with 99% uptime or higher. You can compare the uptime between hosting providers within this graph. If you know which one you are choosing, monitor your website uptime or downtime regularly.

3. Security and backup

Security and backups are important for business websites, especially if you run an online store. There are unpredictable scenarios that could occur and make your website vulnerable, such as exposure of sensitive data, malware, phishing attempts or identity theft.

Getting a web hosting with good security and backup functionality prevents web security problems that can occur. Understand the hosting provider’s security measures, such as whether they offer an SSL certificate, malware scanning, and network monitoring for prevention.

Backups are also one of the key security measures. It’s also a smart way to prevent data loss, fix malware issues, and fix compatibility after installing a new tool. Hosting plans offer different automated backup periods, daily or weekly.

Image source: canva.com

Choose a hosting provider that offers security and backup features in one plan. Try to look into Hostinger.com and their hosting plans which provide adequate security measures and various backup periods. I would consider them a great entry-level option for just about any business website. You can start with an affordable price and increase as you go.

4. Server speed (especially for online stores)

Server speed is another must-have hosting feature because it affects SEO rankings and visitor satisfaction. It is reflected in ping time or loading times. A fast-loading website reduces your bounce rate, increases page rankings, and customer retention.

Among other types of businesses, server speed is particularly crucial for ecommerce or online stores. The fast page load speed helps with the checkout process and supports your website for a great conversion rate.

In general, the acceptable time for a website to load is 2 seconds or less. So make sure your hosting provider has reliable server speed. You can look into a VPS hosting plan that can handle larger data and provide better server reliability.

5. Corporate domain email

To add credibility to your business, having email accounts based on your business domain is an absolute must. Having them can also help with email marketing, create better communication between you and your customers, and help you stand out from the competition.

When looking for email functionality, check the storage size and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which allows for large data transfer. Additionally, you can consider having multiple email accounts for long-term business growth.

Remember to tailor email features to your business activities before making a decision.

6. Flexibility and scalability

The right hosting meets your business needs, including those that come with growing your business. This is why you also need to check the flexibility and scalability of your web hosting.

Flexibility comes when it can handle occasional traffic spikes or high traffic counts from marketing campaigns, which is likely to happen. Flexible web hosting ensures that your website doesn’t crash or suffer as many errors.

Scalability allows your business to continue growing by adding more features, such as more bandwidth or additional storage. It comes in handy if you run a fast-moving business with expansion plans.

Of all hosting plans, VPS hosting is a secure option for flexibility over shared hosting. Thinking about your business’ long-term goals can also help you adapt and make better choices.

7. Reasonable prices

With all the features mentioned, you can’t overlook the price of your hosting plan. It’s smart to choose a credible hosting that has good features, but doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Image source: canva.com

The prices of hosting plans depend on their features, so you will always get what you pay for. They can be as low as $ 2.99 and up to $ 25 and up, and can still go up if you plan to scale. So, it helps to plan ahead to avoid overpaying or not getting enough features that you need.

If you worry about investing in expensive hosting types, you can start small as long as you choose the one with easy upgrade processes. Discover the different types of hosting and adapt them to your business strategies.

In conclusion

Deciding the right web hosting for your business is a tedious task that requires thorough research. However, taking the time to choose your web hosting is a great investment for your business.

This article mentions seven hosting features to create seamless business operations and so you can get the most out of the price you’re paying.

The decision is in your hands, but we hope this article takes you one step closer to choosing the right web hosting.

This article does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors or management of EconoTimes


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