The “Annam” Mountains, natural defenses, made Thailand survive many storms, including Noru.

from the Meteorological Department Published for the last time “Hurricane Noru” Weakening rapidly to strong low pressure patches. cause Thailand not to face a more severe flood than what the legend has mentioned it will do a storm many children, incl “Noru” weaken rapidly because Annam Mountain Mountains that serve as shieldsThai which “Dr. Thon” Assistant Professor Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat Marine and Environmental Scholars and a lecturer in the Department of Marine Science, Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University has defined that “The cyclone was born in the sea. die in the mountains”

Opening the legend of Mynydd Annam

Every time a storm forms in the South China Sea in front of the monsoon a stormblowing ashore in the South China Sea through the philippines into Vietnam, Laos, and then into Thailand. But when the storm blows to the north of Vietnam? often attached to a great natural wall called “Annam Mountain” The (Annamite Range) is a mountain range that stretches 1,100 kilometers between the border of Vietnam and Laos. stretches from north to south Separation between Vietnam and Cambodia in the north The highest peak is called Phu Bia (Laos), 2,819 meters high, which is 300 meters higher than the peak of Doi Inthanon in Thailand .

with this height so it is an important fortress that has saved the lives of Thai people many times from the storm blowing from the South China Sea and the Gulf of Tonkin to stop on the mountain or sometimes decay So we saw a red storm not engulfing this mountain for a long time. Call if it is not very strong. it won’t break through this strong wall to get to Thailand Or maybe it’s a drawback? That prevents rain from reaching north-east Thailand when it needs water for agriculture, most of the high peaks in the center of the country are to the north. It corresponds to Thailand since the Nakhon Phanom border. Up to Nong Khai and Loei Province

“Annam Mountain” As well as separating Thailand froma stormThen, in the winter, sometimes the cold air masses radiating from China were intercepted to stop here too. which is probably a better result. Because otherwise we will have nothing to stop us in times of danger.

apart from that AnnamIt is also a source of biodiversity, evergreen forests and evergreen forests. important in Indochina It is the habitat of “Sao La”, one of the rarest antelopes in the world. It is only found in the northern Annam district. in Laos and Vietnam. Meanwhile, Annam also supplies water to the Mekong. make people in Laos and Cambodia happy. The height and breadth of the Annamite Mountains are also rich in nature, forests, mountains and wildlife. It is one of the world’s valuable natural resources. That’s why Dr Thon said this is a short sentence, but I think it best describes the events that happened in Thailand. Violent night on landing weakening fast Don’t make Thailand more trouble than this.

a storm "Noru"

So the question thenNoruWhere to die The answer is that the storm wears on “Annam” (anamite range) the nature of a fortresswho has defended Thailand many times

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