The art world protests against the Yunseok train controversy… Comprehensive Webtoon Association Blacklist

Chong’s People’s Craft also condemned… “Gagging Artists for Public Aid Approval”

There is fierce criticism from the comics industry over the fact that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recently issued a stern warning to the Korea Comics Promotion Agency, which selected and exhibited ‘Yun Seok Train’, a satirical cartoon of President Yoon Seok-iol. .

According to the cultural circles on the 5th, the Webtoon Association posted an article on social media (SNS) the night before with the title, ‘Putting on the site of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism the work of high school student Yunseok Train’, by said, “The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism used the highly subjective criterion of ‘social scandal’ as an excuse. “They openly reveal the government’s budget of 10.2 billion won and deny freedom of expression, one of the rights fundamental of the Constitution.”

The association said, “This is a statement of belief that we will carry out the ‘blacklist’ behavior openly and without hesitation. the government is a 21st century democracy. I can’t help but ask if it is something that society has to do or not,” he noted.

Regarding the criticism of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism which specifically dealt with political topics against the purpose of the event, he said, “The dictionary definition of a cartoon is ‘a one-cut cartoon that mainly expresses political content satirically.’. And can it be adjusted?” he asked.

The Cartoon Image Promotion Agency exhibited a satirical cartoon of President Yoon called ‘Yunseok Train’ at the 25th Bucheon International Comics Festival from the 30th of last month to the 3rd of this month.

The cartoon won the gold award in the high school cartoon section of the 23rd National Student Cartoon Competition.

When the exhibition of the work in question became controversial, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued a stern warning to the Korea Comics and Visual Promotion Agency, the organizer of the contest, and publicly announced that it would take immediate action.

The cartoon industry is concerned that the most important value of art, freedom of expression, is being violated by this incident.

Cartoonists of the elderly were the first to voice their concerns.

Kwon Young-seop, president of the Korea Won Cartoonists Association, said, “Freedom of expression must be guaranteed to any writer, even to students who draw up controversial works.”

He expressed his thoughts in a duel, but the world is too rigid.”

Associations and groups related to cartoons such as the Woori Manga Solidarity and the Korea Cartoon Association are also preparing a joint statement in this regard.

In a statement condemning the Korean National Artists Federation (People’s Craft Federation) on the same day, the Minister of Culture and Sports pointed out that they “try to restrain artists using the pretext of approving public support, which seems to the blacklisting event in arts and culture held during the governments of Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye.” call for his resignation.

The Minye Chong is a progressive arts and culture organization founded in 1988 by Go Eun and Baek Nak-cheong.

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