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Korean History Museum to Present Special Exhibition on ‘Pandemic’ Until January 31, Next Year

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Illustration depicting the fear of an outbreak of cholera./ Courtesy of the Korean History Museum

An exhibition looking back at the history of infectious diseases that threatened humanity, such as the Black Death, cholera, Spanish flu, and Corona 19, is being held at the Korean History Museum.

The Korean History Museum, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its opening, will present a special exhibition ‘Again, Connection: Until All Are Safe’ in the special exhibition room until January 31 next year.

The exhibition deals with the global pandemic of infectious diseases, that is, ‘pandemic’, from a world-historical perspective. The stories of major infectious diseases that mankind has experienced, including COVID-19, have been solved with a total of 150 pieces of data, including photos, records, and video content.

The first part of the exhibition, ‘Prosperity and Disease brought by Exchange,’ shows how endemic diseases spread to other continents along the international trade network as transport developed in the post-modern era and became common worldwide.

Part 2, ‘The Return of Infectious Diseases’ deals with infectious diseases that appear one after the other despite advances in medicine. You can see outbreaks of zoonotic diseases such as bird flu and Nipah virus infection along with ‘Child and Sick Chicken’ and ‘Homeless Bat’ animations.

The third part, ‘Reconnection,’ shows the vulnerability of our society revealed in the corona pandemic, such as border closures, regional blockades, unequal supply of vaccines, and discrimination against infected people, through newspaper articles and pieces of Styrofoam.

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