The child was choked, slapped in the face, and doused with beer; Angelina Jolie vs. Brad Pitt

Ex-wife Angelina Jolie again against the Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. Angelina says it was a bad experience on a plane that led to her divorce. Brad Pitt has opened up about the ordeal he faced in a case involving a dispute over the ownership of a winery they both owned. Angelina said she did not say anything outside the court to give away the share of the winery and that she signed the document for this.

Brad Pitt abused himself and his children mentally and physically. Brad Pitt choked one of his six children on a plane, punched another in the face and abused him in front of the children. He grabbed his hair and pulled. Angelina also claimed he poured beer on her and her children. Angelina added that federal authorities in charge of flights investigated the incident but did not charge the actor.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fell in love in 2004 while acting in the film Mr and Mrs Smith. They married in 2014 and separated two years later.

Content Highlights: Angelina Jolie details allegations of abuse against Brad Pitt, domestic violence, Hollywood news

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