The children’s vision is unclear, the world must be resolved quickly; Canadian Family on World Tour – Canadian Family on World Tour | Sebastien Pelletier Edith Lemay

There’s nothing like traveling with this Canadian family. Perhaps, this is a world trip to fill their eyes now with sights they will not be able to see tomorrow. When the Edith-Sebastian family spoke to ‘Manorama’ during that rare mission…

Some hospital in Canada. Three children have to live there with uncertain treatment and medication. Mother holding them close to her chest in tears. The father who continues to run to the hospital and from there to the workplace to ensure good treatment for his children…. The family story that should have been like this moves in a different way today. .. Read on to see what really happened…

Those who had to be confined to their homes and hospitals are now traveling the world. The children play in the Namibian jungle with pure joy. Swimming in the lagoons of Bali. Sights that we cannot see in a lifetime are caught in our eyes at a young age. The reason for that is a prediction made by medicine. This is the story of a prophecy that darkened an entire family and how a Canadian couple Edith and Sebastian travel the world with their children to overcome it. Just like saying they have to get home before it’s too late, it’s a trip where they want to see the world before their vision fades. Let’s go back to their past to know its beginning.

Mia fell on her head

Edith Lema and Sebastien Pelletier live in Quebec City, Canada’s largest French community. Sebastian works in finance. Edith is in healthcare logistics. They have four children. One night, the eldest of them, Mia, hit her head on the wall of the house and fell down. Anna is seven years old. Like all parents, Edith lovingly told Miamol to be careful, Molly. A few days later, Mia slipped back into darkness. She didn’t see the wall and the chair being handcuffed many times after that. Mia’s carelessness was suspected but she was later taken to hospital. The family was shaken by the inspection; As night falls, Mia’s vision fades.

Various tests were carried out. After the genetic test, another dangerous thing was revealed. The darkness that now covers her night eyes will also in the future extinguish her daylight. She had a genetic disorder called ‘retinus pigmentosa’, which causes the cells in the retina to gradually die. Cells both inside and outside the retina can die. She may have to live as a completely blind child in the future. There is no telling how fast it will go, if she will lose her sight completely, or if she will have some sight left. Time will tell.- Like any mother, Edith’s words were cut off when talking about her daughter’s condition.

Father and mother of four children

Mia has three births under her belt. Leo, aged nine, Colin aged seven and Laurent aged five. In 2018, the news of Mia’s appearance shook the family. Later, genetic testing was also carried out on younger children. The doctors ruled that all but Leo had retinitis pigmentosa and that darkness would spread to their eyes in the future. When asked about being in the middle of the untreatable condition, Edith said it was a shock. She also says that we have to rewrite all our dreams and decisions because we have better living conditions and jobs. Laurent, who is five years old, asked his mother one day: “Mommy, what if you say you will lose your sight?” Does that mean I can’t drive?



Leo, Colin, Laurent and Mia arrived in Mongolia

Memorable scenes

An ophthalmologist in Canada suggested to Edith and Sebastian that children should now have a memory of sight – a visual memory. They made that decision without letting their children worry about whether they would be able to participate in treatment trials or whether any other treatment options would work. Children should have lifetime vision for the short time their vision lasts. Children should be taken to as many countries as possible, and the diversity of each country should be understood first hand. I want to know what snow, mountains, rivers, flowers and butterflies are like. the

Travel money

After deciding on the trip, the two began preparations to collect money for it. Edith says it was also a blessing to receive a good amount of money as an unexpected gift from the financial institution where Sebastian was working at the time. It boosted their savings for travel.

Closed countries

The trip is planned to take place in July 2020. Great preparations have been made. Covid came by destroying the travel dream that Russia and China had in mind. At that time, not only the two countries, but the whole world was closed, they also faced great difficulties. But they saved and waited for the time when the covid is over. So, the delayed journey began in March. That trip, which took children with them as if they could travel for a year without preparations, was first to Namibia. From there, Zambia, Tanzania, Turkey and Mongolia followed.

Will you come to India?

They were in Indonesia when Manorama called Edith about Sunday. Just arrived at Gili Island in Bali. One week right there.-While Edith was explaining over the phone, you could hear the children’s excitement in the background.

He started talking to Edith by asking why he was coming to India. ‘I have heard a lot about India. Many have said. One day he should come to that country he has not been to so far. India is on our wish list. The other day, they received an offer letter from a travel company in Canada after learning about the world travel that Sebastian and his family are doing. Kerala is in the itinerary we were told. The list of countries that this family must visit in the next 6 months is ready. After a month of rotating Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam…

The world is a school

Edith was also asked what their education would be like. They learn as they go. Edith and Sebastian themselves as teachers say simple, necessary things. This father and mother are confident that there will never be a shortage of education.

Edith and her family’s social media accounts from their world travels are named after the French phrase ‘Plain Lures Eu’. It means filling their eyes. Words of love and prayers are pouring in from many parts of the world to the photos given by Edith and her family. Indeed, this family fills the eyes and minds of the world.

Dark retinal pigmentosa

It is a disease affecting the retina which can be called as drishtipatalam in Malayalam. The retina has rod cells that enable vision in dim light and cone cells that enable vision in bright light. Retinitis pigmentosa is a group of rare eye diseases in which retinal cells are gradually destroyed and vision is lost. There is no correct treatment or complete cure for this. One of the most important symptoms is loss of night vision. Meanwhile, some promising studies are underway, including a treatment that modifies the very genes that lead to the condition.

English Summary: Canadian Family On A World Tour Before 3 Out Of 4 Children Go Blind

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