The clearest in 20 years! Juno spacecraft photo The moon Europa is one of Galileo’s four moons.

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration has published the sharpest picture in 20 years of “Europa’s Moon” 1 of 4 moons of Jupiter discovered by Galileo Galilei In the year 1609 taken with a camera ofJuno spacecraft It orbited close to Europa 352 kilometers from its surface and was the first spacecraft to orbit closest to its surface. and can capture high definition images of the surface at an altitude of 1,500 kilometers

High definition images from the Juno spacecraft sent back to Earth showing cracks in the ice sheet on the moon Europa could help scientists study cracks in the ice sheet. Characteristics of colors and minerals to understand the ocean under the ice sheet. Scientists speculate that the liquid beneath the star’s surface may be the habitat of extraterrestrial life.

This moon is one of the main targets for scientists looking for extraterrestrial life. Because data from photographs and probes confirm that there is a thin atmosphere. oxygen on most surfaces that are icy It was also assumed that there could have been a large ocean under the ice sheet. And scientists also speculate that the liquid beneath the surface of the star may be the habitat of extraterrestrial life.

Juno spacecraft
The Juno spacecraft left Earth since 2011 using a carrier rocket and arrived at Jupiter in 2016 for a mission to explore Jupiter. The largest planet in the solar system

4 moons discovered by Galileo Galilei
aEuropa’s moonIt is one of Jupiter’s moons and one of the four moons that have been discovered by Galileo Galilei In the year 2152, there are the other three stars to Ganymede a Callisto This moon is also the largest moon. It has a diameter of about 3,000 km and has a diffuse atmosphere consisting mainly of oxygen. This smooth, icy surface contains cracks and fine lines. with only a small number of craters This smooth and fresh surface made the assumption that there is an ocean underneath which can be a habitat for extraterrestrial beings.

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