the epidemiological point, the state of play of the progression

The weekly epidemiological point is out. This ARS and Public Health France publication provides more information on the Covid-19 epidemic in Guyana. It can be viewed on the websiteARS.

The epidemiological point regional helps to better understand the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic in French Guiana. The figures and analyzes demonstrate the reality of the progression of the Covid-19.

Especially family clusters

What is new this week is the appearance of clusters, or groupings of cases. 15 clusters exist, averaging 4.5 people. For the most part, they are family. Two clusters are significant: 21 cases in Matoury in the village of Cécilia, and the other in hospitals, 5 cases at the moment. The other groupings correspond to groups with interactions, the subjects do not live under the same roof.
Previously cases were imported from a risk area. Today, the main finding is the decrease in cases detected since April 9, from 4 to less than 2 confirmed patients per day. However, the number of tests is increasing continuously. The coronavirus circulates weakly, the health authorities remain cautious.

State of play

As of April 16, 96 cases were confirmed, including 42 imported cases, and 54 native cases (from Guyana).
48% cases are between 15-44 years old, in the 45-64 age group, they are 30%. 16% have under 15 and finally the elderly are the least affected: between 2.2 and 4.4%.
20 people were hospitalized for Covid-19 including 3 in intensive care, at the start of the week. Since then, 12 patients have returned to their homes and 10 are in hospital (including 2 in intensive care). The 2 patients hospitalized in intensive care are over 65 years old and have at least one comorbidity.

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