The fans are hilarious! A female idol who has been silent for 6 years has re-emerged, and she is now an AV star.

The female idol who has been silent for 6 years reappears, took gravure shots and became an AV star. Looking forward to the end!

Recently, Japanese adult video producer S1 No. 1 Style has announced that he is releasing new work. The actress has appeared in many television screens and popular programs. made netizens excited and found out that this actress has debuted in a famous agency before

In the past, she used the name “Yuki Riona” Born on March 23, 1998. At the age of 16, he took part in a competition organized by the Japanese entertainment company AMUSE. Until passing through 19 in the final round out of more than 32,000 applicants, although he did not receive the award, he signed a contract with an agency.

with a bright image Big charming eyes and a sweet smile have attracted fans and have had opportunities to appear on many variety shows. People refer to her as the second ‘Nozomi Sasaki’ (famous Japanese model).

However, due to the decline in popularity It quietly disappeared, and after six years, it reappeared. Not only budding sexual gravure But he also joined the film industry for adults. Using the name “Shinomiya Arisu”, take a promotional photo Show off your breasts and white skin with confidence.

The news of an idol becoming an AV star excited many fans. With the expectation to see the first work of the goddess as soon as possible.

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