The father did, but the daughter… ? Lee Jun-seok murdered the ethics chairman before a critical week

From left: People Power Lee Yang-hee, Chairman of the Ethics Committee, and Lee Jun-seok, former CEO. random news
Former leader Lee Jun-seok of People’s Power mentioned the late Lee Cheol-seung, former president of the New Democratic Party, and criticized his daughter Lee Yang-hee, chairman of the party’s ethics committee. The ethics committee will review the disciplinary action against the former CEO on the 6th.

On the 2nd, former CEO Lee posted on his Facebook page, “The round-the-clock review of the constitution is a senseless story in common sense.” “So, what did the Liberal Party do to make this nonsense? advice on the constitutional amendment quorum,” he said.

He said, “So, instead of 135.333333 …, he invents a story that 135 is the correct quorum, and then uses that sloppy logic to make a serious political act of constitutional reform. It’s okay to be suspicious. ” “As a result, some conscientious members of the Liberal Party (Son Kwon-bae, Kim Young-sam, Kim Jae-gon, Kim Jae-hwang, Kim Hong-shik, Min Kwan-shik, Sung Won-kyung, Shin Jeong -ho, Shin Tae-kwon, Lee Tae-yong, Han Dong-seok, Hyun Seok-ho, Hwang Nam-pal) leave the party.”

Former CEO Lee said, “Even at that time, the number of people who could raise the issue of roundabouts was about 13 even in the 114 seat party called the Liberal Party. “So-seok Lee Cheol -seung who went up to the podium to stop this constitutional amendment every hour of the day, grabbed the speaker of the National Assembly by the neck and shouted ‘Hey, you bad bastards’,” he added. In the 1970s, he former President Lee Young-sam and former President Kim Dae-jung lead the ’40s Horseman Theory’ in the opposition.

Lee is interpreted to be talking about the history of the late President Lee’s opposition to the unruly regime, and he claimed that his daughter, Chairman Lee, was taking a different stance to his father. He concluded the article by saying, “It’s a dry modern history story, but there are some recent points and déjà vu.”

Meanwhile, the Ethics Committee will hold a plenary meeting on the 6th to discuss disciplinary action against former CEO Lee. Inside and outside the party, there is a strong expectation that a conclusion will be drawn which will surely deprive him of his position as party leader, such as suspending membership of the party for at least three years. The court is also expected to make an injunction decision on the ‘Jeong Jin-seok Emergency Response Committee’ after the 4th day after the National Foundation Day holiday ends. This means that a week of fate has returned ‘again’ from the point of view of the power of the people in the pool of disposition as well as the former Chairman Lee, who claims that his rights as the leader of the party have been damaged.

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