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Reporter Zhang Xiaohan / Comprehensive Report

If you meet an international star or an idol on the road, I think everyone will be very excited, some people will call for the courage to take a group photo, and it may only be secretly some people share the record. Recently, a group of teenage fans went to the beach to play, thinking they had met Dwayne Johnson. When the other party took over to ask for a photo, another girl was so excited she bit her chest. , but she turned out to be very famous on the Internet.

▲ Dwayne Johnson is very popular all over the world. (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press)

Douyin “therockbrasileiroo” has 410,000 fans, and is a big fan of Dwayne Johnson. It seems that because of his shape and his body, he looks like an idol. A video was updated on the 29. It can be seen that a group of women shouted excitedly at the camera “I love him”, “Dwayne Johnson, Dwayne Dwayne Johnson,” and a woman bit his pectoral muscle as he smiled and said nothing.

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After the video was revealed, there was a discussion. Many people speculated that the girls should think “therockbrasileiroo” like Dwayne Johnson, so they were so excited to shout Dwayne Johnson’s name to the camera, and paid more breast attention people Crazy behavior, and some people say “girl, it’s not Dwayne Johnson”, “it’s not a boulder, it’s just a rock”.

▲ The girl bites therockbrasileiroo's pectoral muscle, showing a happy expression.  (Photo / Retrieved from Tik Tok / therockbrasileiroo)

▲ The girl bites therockbrasileiroo’s pectoral muscle, showing a happy expression. (Photo / Retrieved from Tik Tok / therockbrasileiroo)

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