The government is speeding up the Corona exit strategy… The next procedure to remove the outdoor mask

Additional relief notification of post-admission testing, nursing hospital visits, quarantine of confirmed patients, etc.
There is a clear decline in the cases… “97% of the people have antibodies” survey results

The government is expected to accelerate the COVID-19 ‘exit strategy’ as the government eases remaining quarantine policies, starting with the complete removal of outdoor masks.

Starting from the 26th, after removing the mask at outdoor events with 50 or more people, it is very likely that the next step will be the adjustment of testing duties for COVID-19, visiting hospitals and nursing facilities , and isolation of confirmed patients. after entering the country.

In addition to the full lifting of the outdoor mask announced on the 23rd, the government continues to discuss additional measures to alleviate quarantine, and intends to present a comprehensive plan (roadmap) soon.

On the 23rd, the results of a large-scale antibody-positive rate survey were also announced, indicating that 97% of the people have antibodies to COVID-19 through natural infection or vaccination.

Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) Director Baek Kyung-red reaffirmed the principle of easing quarantine measures, saying, “In terms of the sustainability of the quarantine policy and public acceptance, it is more important to practice quarantine rules according to recommendations and participation than regulation.”

In the case of the obligation to wear a mask indoors, even within the specialist group, there are still differences of opinion on the timing and scope of relief, so it is left as a task to be carried out and discussed.

Accordingly, it is unlikely that the duty to wear a mask indoors will be lifted in the near future.

Looking at the concurrent epidemic of COVID-19 and seasonal influenza (flu) this fall and winter will most likely suggest a gradual easing.

The government is speeding up the Corona exit strategy... The next procedure to remove the outdoor mask

Plans to ease the gene amplification (PCR) duty of testing within a day of admission or to resume face-to-face nursing home visits may emerge soon.

According to the quarantine authorities, among the countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 10 countries, including Korea, implement measures such as diagnostic tests and entry restrictions on new foreign arrivals, the details of which vary from country to country.

From June 8, South Korea lifted the quarantine duty for all incoming travelers, including those who were not vaccinated, and from the 3rd of this month, the pre-entry screening duty for all passenger in as well.

At the moment, as a minimum measure to prevent the influx of mutations, the duty remains to have a PCR test within a day of entering the country.

However, it is noted that there are many people who are not tested after entering the country, and it is difficult to control, so it is not effective.

If the post-entry PCR test duty is also abolished, all restrictions on arrival abroad will be removed.

It may be possible to resume face-to-face visits to hospitals and long-term care facilities, previously allowed but again restricted from July 25, with the start of the summer revival.

Face-to-face visits to high-risk facilities have been adjusted several times according to an increase or decrease in the epidemic.

There is room for relief, given that the recent trend has been declining and that the demand for the resumption of face-to-face visits by facility residents and their families is great.

The government is speeding up the Corona exit strategy... The next procedure to remove the outdoor mask

A gradual relaxation of the 7-day quarantine for confirmed cases is being considered.

It is expected that the mandatory quarantine period will be shortened compared to the present when considering foreign trends and national immunity.

Commissioner Baek said, “We continue to make an acceptable adaptation plan, taking into account the impact and inconvenience to the public, regarding the remaining quarantine measures.” He said.

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