The Government Savings Bank arranges home loans for the end of the year 65 “Loan this year, pay an installment next year” without payment for the first 6 months : InfoQuest

Mr Withai Ratanakorn, President of the Government Savings Bank, revealed that the Government Savings Bank launched a home loan service “Loan this year, pay installment next year” after the Covid situation began to unravel. and began to resume economic activities again to meet the needs of customers By still giving the option to pay installments. To help reduce the borrower’s installment burden

“Previously, the Bank had great success arranging such home loans at the end of 2021, which attracted a large number of people to borrow for their own homes. until loans can be released with a total of up to 17 billion baht throughout the past There is a voice calling on the Government Savings Bank to organize a good promotion like this again.” Mr. said

For this year 2022, the home loan promotion “Loan this year, pay next year” has attractive conditions for people who want to get a home. both buy/build/add/repair or want to refinance from other financial institutions In the case of life insurance for credit insurance First year interest rate 1.99% (MRR-4.255% p.a.) 2-3rd year = 2.980% (MRR-3.265% p.a. ) 4th year forward = 4.995% (MRR-1.250% yp) 3 years on average, which equals 2.65% year (currently Government Savings Bank MRR = 6.245%)

with special conditions, for the first 6 months, you can choose not to pay in installments And after that, choose to pay in installments with low installments for another 6 months, 3,500 baht per million / month to have more liquidity to support everyday expenses. Or you can choose to pay in regular installments. In addition, the bank waives the legal contract fee. and credit service Including free mortgage fee in case of refinancing housing loan amount of 1 million baht or more and interest-free mortgage option The rules and conditions are as specified by the Bank.

“Available to apply for loans from now until January 15, 2023 at all branches of the Government Savings Bank across the country. And make a legal contract within February 15, 2023 interested people. For more information, contact the GSB Contact Center on 1115 and on facebook: Cymdeithas GSB.”

The Director of the Government Savings Bank said

By InfoQuest News Agency (02 Oct 65)

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