The Government Savings Bank is organizing a home loan promotion “Loan this year, pay installment next year” for the end of the year 65

Mr Withai Ratanakorn, President of the Government Savings Bank, revealed that the home loan project “Loan this year, pay next yearthe bank at the end of 2021 which was charging low interest rates together with a free installment payment for 6 months, received a lot of good feedback. Can release loans in total up to 17 billion baht and the Government Savings Bank has called on him to come back to organize good promotions like this again

The Government Savings Bank predicts that the covid situation is starting to develop. including the economy starting to walk again and to meet customer needs The bank therefore decided to open a home loan service.Loan this year, pay next yearAgain, still giving the option of free installment payments. To help reduce the borrower’s installment burden

home loan promotionLoan this year, pay next year“Terms and conditions are interesting for people who want to get a house, either buy / build / add / repair or want to refinance from other financial institutions.

In the case of life insurance for credit insurance First year interest rate 1.99% (MRR-4.255% p.a.) 2-3rd year = 2.980% (MRR-3.265% p.a.) 4th year onwards = 4.995% (MRR-1.250% p.a.) 3 years on average, equal to 2.65% per annum (currently Government Savings Bank’s MRR = 6.245%)

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