The Kansas City Chiefs dominate the shock against the Baltimore Ravens – USA football – NFL

This season’s most anticipated clash between the defending champions the Kansas City Chiefs and last year’s best team of the regular season, the Baltimore Ravens, did not disappoint. Nor the distant duel between the two quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes, MVP of the championship in 2018 and the Super Bowl last season, won without question against LaMar Jackson, the MVP of the regular season 2019. Mahomes in particular achieved a dream first half with four touchdowns (one running and three of passage). He finished the evening with a total of five, leading his team to a 34-20 victory.

Without a touchdown on a return engagement (by Devin Duvernay) in the second period, Baltimore would have suffered a real correction. Jackson was limited to 97 yards on the pass (plus a touchdown pass) and 83 on the run. Too little to worry about the champions. This result confirms the difficulty that LaMar Jackson has in finding solutions to the Chiefs, against whom he has already lost three times in the regular season, while he has the record of 21 wins and only one defeat against all other opponents.


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