The lawyer Wat reveals that the court issued an arrest warrant A former treasurer in the era of Phra Chatri signed a withdrawal of 4.3 million

Wat’s lawyer reveals that the court has issued an arrest warrant The former treasurer of the Phra Chatri era signed a deduction of 4.3 million baht, indicating that there is a chance of getting the money back The case is 20 years old Found in fled abroad since 58

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On September 26, 65, in Wat Phutthapanya, Bang Khen Sub-District, Mueang District, Nonthaburi Province, Mr Panya Jarumas, the temple’s lawyer The progress of the theft case of Wat Buddhapanya’s report in 2015 of requesting a transcript in Nonthaburi Provincial Court It was found that the case still in court. After filing the legal case in 58, all 4 defendants were summoned, namely, the 1st defendant, Phra Chatri, as the temporary abbot at the time, the 2nd defendant, a monk in the temple, the 3rd defendant, a member of the temple, and the 4th defendant, a woman whom He appointed treasurer of the temple during his time as the Temporary Abbot.

Mr. Panya said that from examining all the documentary evidence Found that money was being withdrawn from the temple account. Within a period of more than 1 month, the amount was 4.3 million baht, withdrawing about 2-3 hundred thousand baht per time. The 4th defendant was the only one who signed the refund. and he refused to travel alone to testify in court only Therefore, the court considered issuing an arrest warrant for the 4th defendant in the year 60. So far, the 4th defendant has not been able to arrest due to clues that the this accused has left the country. has traveled to the US since 2015

Mr revealed Panya also that Mr. O check the financial path of the 4th defendant, although the connection with Phra Chatri has not yet been discovered. But Phra Chatri testified to the court that he was not involved Only the person who authorized the 4th defendant to withdraw the money. by giving reasons to the court that a withdrawal was approved to pay the water and electricity bills and maintenance costs of the temple In addition, the 4th defendant filed a lawsuit against the Nonthaburi District Court. along with writing a statement to the court for the 4th defendant to bring back the money, with the amount of 4.3 million baht being misused The temple still has a chance to return. Since this case is 20 years old, when the lawsuit is filed at 60, it means the age will expire at 80. The most important thing now is to find the 4th defendant who signed the money. To know the route by which the money is distributed to whom?

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