The long-term nursing insurance test is a success

A long-term nursing insurance trial operation for disabled seniors has successfully served 391,000 people, authorities said Sunday.

These include 324,000 at home, with an average age of 80.1 years, and 67,000 in nursing homes, with an average age of 85.

The statistics were announced at a government meeting held on Sunday to further improve the management and quality of service of the trial program.

The program, launched in 2017 and extended to the whole city in 2018, is aimed at citizens aged 60 and over who need long-term care, regardless of where they are – at home, nursing homes or hospitals – provided they are covered by public medical insurance.

The health of applicants and their eligibility for care must be assessed before they can begin to benefit from insurance. Thirty-four assessment organizations with approximately 9,000 assessors were established to check applications.

There are approximately 63,000 registered carers in the city who can visit private homes or care for the elderly in institutions.

As many as 1,173 nursing homes in the city have been authorized to participate in the program.

During the meeting, several members of the city’s people’s congress and political advisory body, as well as experts in related areas, were invited to be the first group of social supervisors for the insurance program.

According to authorities, app evaluation and service delivery have returned to normal following the COVID-19 pandemic. With rigorous prevention measures, neither the caregivers nor those caring for the program were infected.

The city will improve work on application assessments to ensure fairness in operations and health authorities will develop updated assessment standards.

Innovative technologies will be used to improve the management of service delivery and healthcare professionals, while protecting the privacy of the elderly.

Eventually, the city aims to establish a senior nursing system with basic services provided by the government, multiple services provided by the company, and high-end needs met by commercial insurance.

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