The lottery seller said that “lucky numbers” were hot, the numbers of the river one and the worship of Grandfather Srisuttho.

reporter’s report The atmosphere before the day of the lottery Period from 1 October 2022 since yesterday (30 September) in the tax market in the city of Chainat There are lottery fans coming out to buy lottery numbers that they like continuously. because this is the last curve to get the government lottery prize Waiting to welcome the new millionaire

Mrs Wandee Khaosanit, a lottery dealer, revealed that there are prominent numbers in the area, the most popular numbers, which is the number one river. Because he came back to give correct instructions 2 draws in a row This draw gives numbers 40, 43, 03, 403, 58, 28, 458, 428 and Mike Piromphon Buengsuang, Grandfather Srisuttho, Ya Pathumma, got a number the incense .24, 00 makes that number Sell every panel until lottery fans come and ask each other every hour

Regarding the lottery price for this raffle, which is sold, received 96 baht per ticket, sold 100 baht, profit only 4 baht per ticket, because previously there was a famous TV news. that he had quarreled with other traders in front of the bank ATM It’s actually me, because that day we argued about queuing. but he retreated But if the next period can’t press again I don’t know what to do If you can press it, you don’t have to go and pick it up. Will get profit as selling Press to keep online Can’t press on each other due to age and technology Ask related parties to help manage as appropriate.

As for the lucky numbers that the group of lottery sellers in 5 regions are to share in a row, the numbers 51, 52, 54, 56, 365 are the number of Che Fong Beer. Master Mai Ek number 91, 19, 89, 98, 81, 18

Nook Sister Number, Baramee Maha Heng 64, 63, 85, 84, 86, 65, 685 Khai Lucky Number 087, 987, 08, 98, 80, 89 Number 15, 27, 87, 81 Nong Petchkla Number, Lucky Boy Numbers 55, 88, 58, 85, Phra Wat Phai Khaek dedication numbers, numbers 00, 414, lucky numbers of Por Khun Chang solved on Ai Som Chun, and numbers 67, 76 are unlimited numbers, born on the car.

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