The new ‘Fail’ of Pedrito Sola in Xolos vs América of the eLiga MX


Pedro Solá did it again and made a mistake on the air by “confusing” Cristian Martinoli already Luis Garcia with the comedians, Huarachín and Huarachón.

The entertainment news expert entered the broadcast of the party of the eLigaMX between Xolos and America, where in greeting he mentioned other characters,

“Dear friends, ‘Huarachín’ and ‘Huarachón’, I want to congratulate you then simply because, oh no, sorry, are Luis García and Cristian Martinoli, for Aztec 7, the program of the Liga MX. Do you remember asking me to be your godfather? You see why I fall too. Congratulations friends, “said Solá.

Sola was listed as the godfather of the broadcasts of TV Azteca in the eLigaMX.

The presenter has been singled out for ridicule and jokes for making a mistake in a commercial for a mayonnaise and gave the name of the competition.

It is the first time that Aztec TV broadcasts matches of the eLigaMX by open television, since on past occasions they went through the Internet.

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