The new season: movies and TV on large and small screens

Theaters are gradually reopening, with limited capacities, and let me tell you, there’s nothing like watching a movie on a giant screen. The actors are huge; the action overwhelms you.

I missed. I have missed sharing it with other people. When theaters open here in New York, I won’t be … even remotely close to them! Sorry, still too many unknowns for me. This is not the time to die.

Hey! This is my sequel, a “There is no time to die” the new James Bond, slammed from last March to this November. And boy, I’ll be tempted. I hear that Bond theme, I was climbing like Pavlov’s dog. And I love Daniel Craig’s 007. He is so arrogant! This looks like a star party. Rami Malek is the high-tech villain. Phoebe Waller-Bridge co-wrote it. Drive-in, here I am!

NO TIME TO DIE | Trailer 2 of
James Bond 007 on Youtube

Maybe I’ll do it for Marvel’s “Black Widow,” mashed potato. Yes, I’m fed up with superheroes, but the trio of Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz? Be still my heart.

The Black Widow of Marvel Studios | Final trailer of
Marvel Entertainment on Youtube

And directed by a woman, like “With ice,” which reunites “Lost in Translation” director Sofia Coppola with Bill Murray, who plays Rashida Jones’ father: they bond as they search for their daughter’s rebellious husband.

On the rocks | Official Trailer HD | A24 of
A24 on Youtube

A major film directed by women will be released in early December: “Nomadland,” Chloe Zao’s sequel to “The Rider”. It is a portrait of the dwellers of traveling vans in a recession, with a frighteningly depressed Frances McDormand.

NOMADLAND | Official Teaser Trailer | Searchlight Pictures of
SearchlightPictures on Youtube

Some of these can be rented at the same time, or right after, they open in theaters, which is the only positive aspect of this catastrophic pandemic: wherever you live, you can see new films simultaneously with urban filmmakers like moi. [Check out Kino Marquee, where part of the rental fee goes to the small, probably hurting theatre of your choice.]

You can do festivals virtually, from biggies like the current New York Film Festival, to October’s LGBTQ Newfest.

Also in October, a great success of the festival arrives on Amazon: the sublime documentary by Garrett Bradley “Time,” where a woman’s campaign to shorten her husband’s 60-year sentence for armed robbery changes her life, and perhaps yours.

TIME – Official Trailer | Prime Video of
Amazon Prime Video on Youtube

As for the TV on TV, filming stopped for months last March, which is why the season is packed with reality shows.

For new scripted programs, CBS has some endearing quirks “B positive” about the crazy bond between a man and his kidney donor; in the second season, he gives her his liver. I’m kidding!

B Positive – New comedy coming to CBS of
CBS on Youtube

On FOX, some of the people behind “24” are present “The next,” with a bearded John Slattery as a pointed-headed tech guru who fights not human terrorists but rampant AI

neXt (FOX) Trailer HD of
TV promotions on Youtube

Nicole Kidman discovers that her oncologist husband Hugh Grant has his own kind of malice in HBO’s “The Undoing.”

The Undoing: Official Teaser | HBO of
HBO on Youtube

And in Showtime, Jeff Daniels plays former FBI boss James Comey as a diligent funny guy trying to stand up to Donald Trump (played as a sort of Shrek by Brendan Gleeson) in the miniseries, “Comey’s rule.”

Comey’s rule | Official Trailer # 2 | SHOW TIME of
SHOW TIME on Youtube

But the scarier What on TV this fall will, of course, be the presidential election, which will probably bring me screaming back to the theater.

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Story produced by Robbyn McFadden. Publisher: David Bhagat.


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