The page is famous for the super heroine dating a girl who is hiding, but the woman wants to let the world know.

by page Je Moi 108 V1 posted a message saying “Take a break from the third person.. Let’s continue with the story, my love keeps it, it hurts. when talking to someone The debut.. is a kind of honor, you know!!But the main character is big…why do you like to be in a secret relationship and let a woman eh eh say..what am I!!

Dating in a Situation It is a status that people these days are popular because it is a little better than FWB. If you agree, like this status, both of them will survive. But if the other person thinks too far AND the other person doesn’t want to develop anything… it hurts.

One person wants to open almost to death. Try to get down there and let the world know. that I live in my condo While the man was silent .. just posted a picture of a shadow through the mirror, thinking optimism, he would have asked to see it clearly before he opened it, right? eagerly waiting Let history not repeat itself.. Enough with love #Iphimia lawyer James”

Among the comments from netizens who expressed their opinion, some mentioned the initials of celebrities. But it remains to be seen whether this is true or not.

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