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Revenge by expelling the players from the Spanish women’s football team who demanded the sacking of the coach. 15 people, including the main players, have been banned from the two matches which will be held next month.

The players were banned from the games against Spain and the United States next month. A few days ago, members of the team came forward with the demand to fire coach George Wilda. Fifteen players had also sent an e-mail message to the Football Association demanding that Wilda be relieved of his duties. They had threatened to stay away from the games if the coach was not fired. The complaint was that the players were upset with Wilda’s behavior and team selection. But the association was of the view that the players do not have the right to question whether the coach should continue or not. The federation expressed its full support to the coach in the matter and asked the female players to correct the mistake and apologise. But as the players did not withdraw, the 15 members of the team who had complained were expelled and a new team was formed.

Barcelona’s attacking midfielder and world leading player Alexia Putlas is also absent from the current squad. Despite being sidelined due to injury, Alexia expressed her support for her teammates. The Football Federation is in the position that the players should be ready to correct the mistake.

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