The plenary session of the plenary session on the dismissal of Foreign Minister Park Jin… Woman, absent from the vote


At the full meeting of the National Assembly today, a motion was passed to dismiss the Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin.

The Democratic Party of Korea, which is calling for an apology from the president for this ‘travel diplomacy controversy’, handled it alone.

He strongly protested the power of the people and did not take part in the vote.

Contact reporters from the National Assembly.

Reporter Jang Bo-kyung.


Yes, as you said, in the plenary meeting that continued at 6 pm, the motion to dismiss Foreign Affairs Minister Park Jin was passed.

This dismissal motion was proposed by the Democratic Party of Korea as a party argument, saying that the diplomatic line should be held accountable for President Yoon Seok-yeol’s ‘travel diplomacy controversy’.

Representative Song Eon-seok, a member of the People’s Power, asked about a speech in progress and said, “What did Minister Park Jin do wrong?” and referred to the former Moon Jae-in administration as who was the one who broke. the Korea-Japan relationship and the collapse of the Korea-US-Japan cooperation system.

At the same time, he emphasized that saying that the sympathy is wrong is something bland, and about private conversations, “it happened by manipulating subtitles with uncertain content.”

Throughout Rep.’s comments. Song, protests such as ‘demolish blasphemy’ continued to pour from the opposition seats.

In response, Representative Wik Seong-gon of the Democratic Party of Korea, who followed suit, criticized it as an unprecedented diplomatic disaster that damaged the dignity of the nation, saying, “President Yun’s diplomacy on foreign trips is a complete incompetence.”

He said that the motion to dismiss is a measure by which the National Assembly implements a strict evaluation of the people, and raised his voice that if President Yoon did not accept it, he would face more public criticism.

People’s Power lawmakers left the plenary session during Rep. Wik Sung-gon’s comments during the proceedings, saying they would not participate in the vote.

He then urged the resignation of Speaker of the National Assembly Kim Jin-pyo, saying, “I condemn the destruction of cooperation and the dictatorship of the parliament.”

Although the Justice Party did not attend the vote either, saying “the president’s apology and the replacement of the secretary’s office is the key”, the motion to dismiss Minister Park was passed by secret ballot with 168 votes in favor, 1 against , and 1 abstention out of 170 incumbents.

Although the impeachment motion, which was effectively handled by the Democratic Party, was passed, it had no legal force, so it is now in the hands of President Yoon.

On the way to work this morning, President Yoon suggested that he was exercising the veto correctly, saying, “Minister Park Jin is a man of exceptional ability.”


At today’s plenary meeting, the representative of the negotiating group, Jeong Jin-seok, chairman of the Emergency Response Committee, who gave a speech at the People’s Power plenary session, said that he strongly criticized the Democratic Party for “holding the government .foot in all cases”?


Yes, during the speech of the representative of the negotiating group, the chairman of the Liberation Committee, Jeong Jin-seok, said, “The last 143 days of Yun Seok-yeol’s administration was a period of fierce struggle to correct the abnormalities of the past in the chaos of the Democratic Party.”

At the same time, the Democratic Party used parliamentary power and set a high point that does not hesitate to impose a first class legislative dictatorship.

Regarding President Yoon’s last visit, he urged him to commit a mortal sin, saying, “I am struggling in a fierce diplomatic battlefield, and MBC is trying to damage the Korea-US alliance by manipulating subtitles and broadcasting.”

In response to this speech by Chairman Chung, he praised the ruling party, saying, “It emphasizes the situation over the past five years and concerns about the indiscriminate political struggle.”

So far, it has been conveyed to the National Assembly. ( [email protected] )

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