The Princess Feels Maker, Raises a New ‘Volcano Princess’ Daughter

▲ Volcano Princess screenshot (image source: Steam official page)

A new game reminiscent of Princess Maker , a nurturing simulation game that gamers who grew up in the 90s would have played at least once, is taking part in Steam Nextfest. It’s Volcano Princess which deals with the process of raising a young girl in a medieval fantasy world blessed with a volcano goddess, and was announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Volcano Princess, developed by Chinese game company Yangdan Artificial Workshop (养蛋人工作室), is set in Volcano Kingdom, a fictional land where swords, magic, chivalry and alchemy reside. The player becomes a retired knight raising a young daughter alone, and as she raises her daughter, she finds her own goals and direction in life.

▲ Volcano Princess Tokyo Game Show 2022 announcement trailer (Video source: Gamera Games official YouTube channel)

▲ Volcano Princess screenshot and character image (image source: Steam official page)

The overall content is similar to Princess Maker. She can manage her daughter’s schedule, teach music, art, and martial arts, and have part-time jobs and adventures as well. There is also a festival where you can check the level of growth, and you can meet and interact with various people while walking around the village. When your daughter grows to a certain level, you can choose one of the three lords to complete the mission and build honor.

Through a series of processes, the girl gradually grows and looks different, and depending on the process, you can see different endings. Whether a girl will be an excellent person, an average person, or a bad person depends on how the player raises her.

Volcano Princess participated in Steam Nextfest, and you can download and play the trial version. Korean is not officially supported, but only English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese are available.

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