The progress of the event with the 4 generals, praising the bravery of the village chief Nong Chik martyr Found the history of the most cruel villain 7 points

Pattani – Progress on the conflict with the villain in Nong Chik The head of the village was shot dead. General 4 came to visit the family, praising the courage and ready to help recover in the first place. While one of the attackers was killed, they found a brutal history of carrying out 7 important cases.

Today (Nov. 8) due to law enforcement officers to surround and search 5 target areas in Moo 7 area, Don Rak Sub-district, Nong Chik District, Pattani Province, by Mr Je Muhamayaki Chede D The head of the village tried to negotiate to surrender , but in vain. Until he joined the officers to search house number 71, it appeared that the criminal who hid in the house was using a gun to shoot. Two police officers were shot and wounded, and also caused Mr. Je Muhamayaki Chedeng, Village Head of Village No. 7, Don Rak Subdistrict, to be shot in the right leg, cut off an aorta, and died. the evening of the 7th, November last.

Regarding the progress, at 11 pm on November 7, Lieutenant Gen. Santi Sakuntanak, commander of the 4th Army Division, to Pattani Hospital to visit Pol. Lieutenant Gen. Anuphol Malisuwan, who was injured. Shot wounded in the left Forearm and Pol, Lt. Colonel Jetsada Thanawut, who was shot, injured in the right shoulder, which they are both safe, and then he gave encouragement to Mrs. Ramiyah Mudaw, his wife of Mr. Jemuhamayaki who is still mourning the loss of the family column ready to give initial help from the atmosphere The hospital has many villagers to support each other. The Commander of the 4th Army Region, together with a number of officers, were waiting to distribute the bodies. Jemuhamayaki Mr. Leaving the hospital in Pattani, he returned to his hometown to wait for the religious ceremony this morning.

Lieutenant Gen. expressed. Shanti Sakuntanak, Commander of the 4th Army Area, his condolences to the family of Mr. Jemuhamayaki Chedeng, Village Head of Village No. 7, who has fulfilled duties With dedication, sacrifice, courage, refused the crowd not to hide in the village. It also joins the duty of monitoring law enforcement and negotiating with criminals to bring them to court. but he was fired upon by the attacker using a gun The police were injured and the head man of the village himself later died.

Mr. Jemuhamayaki’s performance is an act of complete praise and honor. for funeral arrangements and support and remedies in accordance with regulations and rights facilitating the co-ordination for the relevant parts to proceed urgently The owner of the house in the location Who holds the position of Deputy Prime Minister Don Rak The Administrative Organization must A sub-district, which provides refuge for criminals, enters the legal process to the fullest extent

While at 08:30 on November 8, Mr. Trakul Totham, Deputy Governor of Pattani Province Major General Kajonsak Inthong, Commander-in-Chief of Pattani Police Travel to house number 1/6, Moo 8, Tuyong Sub-District, Nong Chik District, which is the home of Jemuhamayakee, the deceased village To encourage the family who is still in sorrow and to give initial financial support to the village chief’s wife, Ramiyah Mudaw. Many agencies and people came to support each other, and for the funeral of Mr Jemuhamayaki Chedeng, relatives had already held an Islamic funeral this morning.

Ms Royhan Chedeng, daughter of the village chief, said that no one wanted such an incident to happen. But when it happened, he was glad his father had done his best. I wish my father well. every agency has now come to help and from now on, he must continue to act on his father’s behalf He was proud to be born as his father’s son.

Regarding the death of one violent person, named Manase Siddi, 32, one of the attackers was found with 9 mm firearms, a background check had seven warrants for arrest in a security case. They are connected to several bomb attacks in 7 provinces in the upper southern region on August 12, 2016, a bomb attack in front of Big C, Pattani branch on May 9, 2017, an attack on the Protection Unit Ban Kolae Pile Sub-district Pakaharang Sub-district, Mueang District, Pattani Province, on July 23, 2019, four people were killed, three injured and involved in the Bang Chak gas station bombing. Don Yang Branch in the area of ​​Nong Chik District, Pattani Province on August 17, 2022 by being a co-planner and acting as a motorcyclist to allow another part of the criminal to go to the event

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