The province authorizes face-to-face exams at the UNR School of Medicine

The governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, announced that this Wednesday he will sign the decree “so that they can be carried out exams face-to-face at the National University of Rosario (UNR), in the Faculty of Medicine, with the protocol and the request made, in order to have one more litter of professionals who may be joining this task “. He did so in the framework of a videoconference in which he was accompanied by the Minister of Health of the Nation, Gines González García, and the committee of health experts from the province of Santa Fe, to analyze the response to the pandemic of Covid-19 coronavirus.

The decision of the provincial chief executive came after a request from the rector of the Rosario university, Franco Bartolacci, because it is the case of the 49th cohort of the Medicine career, whose students, who number 160 students, must render a final written exam to conclude the degree. “The consultation was made and we obtained the authorization at the national level, we are here to do it. The sector presented the corresponding protocol, that protocol is the one that has been approved, therefore, under that authorization of compliance with that protocol they will begin to be able to take the exams, “added Perotti.

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“Tomorrow (by Wednesday) the provincial decree that authorizes it will be signed and obviously the university will have to have the protocol authorized by the university with all the recommendations, because we want it to be successful and for the university to be able to develop that instance of a face-to-face exam, as a pilot test and that opens the doors so that the rest of the universities can do them “, he concluded.

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