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I have read several letters from Sister Mary Hlas, including the one of September 7, “Trump deserves the support of America”.

It seems very strange to me that someone like her with her Christian beliefs, with all the facts we have about Donald Trump, can still support this unsuitable person for the presidency. His 20,000 lies to date, for example, and his infidelity with his wives past and present, given the sexual allegations Stormy Daniels and more than 20 other women have made against him. I can only imagine how many abortions Trump could have paid for.

However, Sister Mary is stuck on Trump, only because she said he is against abortion. Don’t you think this could be just another one of his lies to conquer his unsuspecting base? The only reasonable conclusion to all this nonsense I see is that the brainwashing is complete. Well done, Catholic Church. Well done, really.

Tax fairness

“Taxation without representation is tyranny.” This was one of the complaints that caused the American Revolution. Well, taxation with overthe representation looks even worse.

As a taxpayer I don’t think I should pay for sanctuary city, college for all, free cell phones, mandatory masks, free abortions, Medicare for all, a Green New Deal, freeing everything to the illegals, socialism, tariffs, police defunding and cleaning up after looting. and riots. I have a solution. With the technology available today, if you vote for any of these items, the amount needed to fund them would be added to your taxes, not mine.


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