The Qi card ignites financial inclusion in Iraq through electronic payments and loan programs

BAGHDAD, September 30, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Qi Card, the leading electronic payment solution and default national credit / debit card Iraq, is leading the way for financial inclusion with digital payments, payroll programs, and personal loans that enable citizens to meet their current financial obligations as they seek a brighter future.

Iraqi citizens deserve the same financial opportunities as citizens of other regions of the world. Qi Card is honored to create programs that provide pathways to financial inclusion in everything Iraq.

As the first fintech provider to move Iraqis away from an insecure, cash-based economy, Qi Card has established three critical platforms that drive financial inclusion:

  • Digital financial transactions
    With the Qi Card, citizens can receive salaries and pensions, pay bills, share money with friends and family, and shop from the comfort of home. These digital features allow some of the Of Iraq more physically vulnerable citizens to participate fully in commerce and the community without jeopardizing their health or safety.
  • Salifni Relief Loans
    Salifni, an emergency temporary loan program, allows qualified ministerial employees to receive 200K IQD instead of waiting for their salary with traditional methods. With Qi Card and Salifni, the economy continues to move despite wage delays.
  • Personal loan
    Since 2018, Qi Card has dispensed more than USD $ 4 billion in loans to more than 800,000 Iraqi citizens. The main uses of these loans include: financing of a small project (55.4%), payment of medicines and medical treatment (29.9%), repayment of a loan from a friend or relative (8.2%), financing a home renovation (4.3%) and financing a holiday trip (2.2%).

Qi Card products and programs are designed to create better Iraq, guiding towards a future of financial inclusion and freedom.

The Qi Card platform is securely built with the latest fintech technologies, biometric identification and electronic payment system.

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About Qi Card
Qi Card is the leading electronic payment service solution in Iraq, which uses biometric identity as a cardholder verification method. Qi Card is managed and operated by International Smart Card “ISC”, the most successful partnership in the history of Iraq. With its State Bank partners, Al-Rafidain and Al-Rashed, it has completed the domiciliation of over 7M citizens with its multibiometric payment scheme. In just over 18 months, ISC was able to provide 3T IQD in loans to over 800,000 Iraqi citizens. To date, ISC has an ecosystem of 17,000 POS and more than 6,000 merchants who use the Qi scheme to provide easy merchant-funded installments and other businesses. ISC issues and acquires payment cards on behalf of fourteen affiliated banks in Iraq. Thanks to its primary Mastercard membership, ISC has now issued more than 1.8M Mastercard and is now the largest Mastercard provider in Iraq.



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