The railway administration wants to speed up trains. Where will the new 200 km / h be driven?

This is a track where the Railway Administration tested two hundred at the beginning of the year for several weeks in the presence of the media. In the order, he looks for a developer of the project intent. It should also show the costs of such modifications. It should be built in 2026-28.

According to the spokesman of the Railway Administration Marek Illias, a total of seven test runs at 200 km / h took place in the section. “The main objective of these test runs was to test and verify the functionality of the European train protection system ETCS even at a speed of 200 km / h and the cooperation between the trackside and on-board parts of the system. The installation of this system is, among other things, one of the necessary conditions for a gradual increase in speed on the Czech railways above today’s 160 km / h. These tests verified the full functionality of this system on the Railway Administration’s line at speeds above 160 km / h, “said Illiaš.

According to him, the tests also showed cooperation between the on-board and track-side parts of the ETCS system. “It ran without any defects and confirmed the full functionality of the ETCS system even at speeds of 200 km / h,” added Marek Illiaš.

The railway administration has selected a number of sections (see below) where it wants to increase its speed to 200 km / h. In addition to those where the construction or some method of preparation is already underway, there are other sections in the phase of verifying whether they make sense. “Other sections are being inspected for which project preparation has not yet started. These are, for example, the sections Pardubice – Uhersko, Olomouc – Brodek u Přerova, Kolín – Pardubice, “said Marek Illiaš.

According to Illias, it is not yet possible to determine which section will be prepared first for 200 km / h. “There will be more sections that will be technically ready to introduce a speed of 200 km / h. The section, which will be the first to be launched at a speed of 200 km / h, will depend on the chosen procedure for introducing the exclusive operation of the ETCS system on the railway network in the Czech Republic. ”Exclusive operation is to take place in 2025.

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