The real thing! A man from Hong Kong who bought a famous brand and his colleague who blew his life to pay with use coupons and laugh at him and lose his tyranny.

Recently, when the government distributed consumer coupons, a man from Hong Kong saw that he suddenly had thousands of dollars in his account, he decided to buy a name brand scarf to prepare for the winter. When he returned to work the next day to Share the joy of shopping with his colleagues, he opened his mouth to pay with consumer coupons, but his colleagues laughed wildly. , If you pay with consumer coupons to eat at famous stores, you will lose your dominant style!

The real thing! A man from Hong Kong who bought a famous brand and his colleague who blew his life to pay with use coupons and laugh at him and lose his tyranny.

The Hong Kong government distributed the second round of consumer coupons on October 1. Some readers took advantage of the holiday shopping and used the consumer coupons to buy a favorite designer scarf. The next day, I went back to the company to share the joy of shopping with my colleagues. My colleagues were very excited. They were all asking about the style and the price, and they talked about paying the bills with user coupons.After hearing about i, my colleagues immediately burst into laughter!

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Is it rude to pay with coupons? Does the seller have pigeon eyes?

The reader submitted an article to a Good Food Fun Flying reporter, describing that after a colleague heard about it at the time, he smiled and pointed out that the shop was so luxuriously decorated. in order not to suffer the famous shop assistant’s “white dove eyes” as they say.

Now, no matter how you “dress up”, when you pay by saying, “You shouldn’t, use the coupons” or “Yidu won’t accept coupons”, you will lose your arrogance at once, and felt so rude. Afterwards, he should immediately roll his eyes and mention that he should “wake up” the next time he buys a famous brand.

(Image source: Authorized by the victim)

Really, it’s about your own money!

The reader laughed at him and lost her arrogance, but thought there was no problem. Buying famous brands with consumer coupons may be considered obscene, but when the Hong Kong government sends you to your own account, it’s your own money in the end. Use your own money to be able to buy a good heart and be naturally happy.

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The seller’s attitude is good, contact by text message and we look forward to helping

The reader also told the reporter that after the seller learned that he was paying with the use coupon, he was still very polite, and finally exchanged cards. He also greeted him through the communication software in the night, and he hoped the reader would help him next time Feel the legendary “eye of white pigeons”. Maybe the seller has already become more polite under the feelings of Andy Lau’s “Service Attitude Today” advertisement, at least he swallowed his face in his heart!

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