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Lavigne said: “I don’t think I’ll make it.” I think I was going to die because I had this weird feeling of, ‘Whoa. I feel like I’m on a cliff “

Long before Billie Eilish stole the show for teenage rock, Avril Lavigne was the teen pop sensation of the 2000s, and she’s very special to just about anyone who has grown up over time. Today is the 36th birthday of our favorite emo-pop-punk star, and it’s time to remember her boldness, fearless attitude and rowdy sound.

At age 17, the Canadian pop-punk star entered the scene with her hit number, Complicated, in a music video wearing low skate pads, straight ramrod hair, and a tie. His unconventional style took off quickly, and soon everyone singing along with “Complicated” was also wearing his quirky punk outfit.

Shortly after Lavigne became a household name, and kept hitting hit after hit – who could forget “Sk8r Boi” or “Girlfriend?” – giving wayward teenage girls hymns to live with for years to come.

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That is, until 2013, when his self-titled album was released, with songs like Bitchin ‘Summer is here’s to never growing up.

The mid / late 2000s songs were somewhat lighter, with the singer dressed in pink and adding a touch of positivity to her music. This change in his style was unacceptable to many who used his music to embrace their dark side. Her music career began to deteriorate as she began to embrace womanhood for what it was.

Avril Lavigne was a punk rock singer

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The new songs haven’t gained as much recognition as the old emo-punk rock. People had already become obsessed with her music surrounding heavy, dark topics that, at the time, it was quite unusual for young women to talk about. They expected her to continue to sound like a grumpy goth girl singing about how hard life is.

Due to her sudden change of tone, fans began to come up with a conspiracy theory about what really happened to Lavigne, claiming she was dead and replaced by her label with a stunt double going to events for her when her mother died like this. could continue to profit from its name. The theory has been successful with a surprising number of people and is still mentioned – albeit usually as a joke – to this day.

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What most of us didn’t realize at the time was that Lavigne had evolved from taking petty remarks to heart and making songs about them. She was now creating more intimate and therapeutic music, trying to look at the world around her in a kinder and more positive way, both for herself and for her fans, after going through a very difficult time in her life and falling out of the way. radar for a while.

Recently, in February 2019, the artist returned with her sixth studio album, Head above the water, whose songs talked about his struggle with Lyme disease and how he overcame it. This was also the time when the rebel icon confirmed that the rumor that she had died and had been replaced by a look-alike had no truth.

Here is the piece of the puzzle that the creators of the theory really lacked: after she turned 29, Lavigne began to feel exhausted. That’s when she was diagnosed with anxiety and chronic fatigue, which was actually Lyme disease, the star later thought. She was bedridden for two years and, at one point, she was sure she was going to die.

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Speaking about her worst day with the disease in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lavigne said, “It was so bad that night, and I thought, ‘I don’t think I’m going to make it.’ I think I was going to die because I had this weird. feeling of “Whoa. I feel like I’m on a cliff and I’m about to fall, and it’s dark “”.

He continued: “On leaving I felt like I was drowning underwater, coming up for air. That’s when I literally said, ‘God, help me keep my head above the water.’ I wasn’t even thinking about the music – it just happened. “

To support and raise awareness among those battling Lyme disease, Lavigne announced a special live streaming concert, #FlightLyme, which will take place on October 25, 2020. Proceeds will go to the Global Lyme Alliance and the Avril Lavigne Foundation.

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