The reconciliation property between Li Yundi and the Piano certification brand was frozen for more than 3.33 million yuan_Li Chuan_Ruling_Home

Original title: Li Yundi and the brand approval of Piano’s sync property was frozen for more than 3.33 million yuan

Sohu Entertainment News Tianyancha App shows that the contract dispute civil dispute Li Yundi and Piano Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., on November 12, was made public.

The document shows that the court made a civil judgment on November 24, 2021 in the case of contract disputes between Piano Home Furnishing Co, Ltd and Shanghai Yunchuan Music Studio, Hebei Rebang Culture Media Co, Ltd, Li Chuan, and Li Yundi Mae Li Yundi’s property worth more than 3.33 million yuan has been preserved. Li Yundi applied to the court to lift the detention measures on June 20, 2022. After a review, the court ruled that Li Yundi had reached a settlement and completed the payment of relevant money, and the court had made an effective ruling that “Piano Home Furnishing Co., Ltd has withdrawn the lawsuit against Hebei Rebang Culture Media Co., Ltd., Li Chuan, and Li Yundi” to the court. The request to lift the conservation measures complied with the law and was ruled to be enforced.

It is said that Piano Company previously signed Li Yundi as a spokesperson, but due to the influence of Li Yundi’s prostitution incident, Piano terminated the cooperative relationship with Li Yundi.Return to Sohu to see more


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