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The residential and commercial expert service is always available at Cifelli Electrical Inc.

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ELECTRICAL EXPERTISE: “The needs of each customer are important to us at Cifelli Electrical Inc. We do every type of work, including residential and commercial, and customers know they can rely on our knowledge and services.” Co-owners Mike Twarkusky and Anthony Tallone and office manager Carole Twarkusky look forward to continuing to serve customers across the Princeton area. (Photo courtesy of Cifelli Electrical Inc.)

By Jean Stratton

AAlways important, the tranquility of one’s home is particularly crucial today as many of us spend many more hours at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Make sure that the electrical system, including household connections, plugs and switches, the fuse panel, the circuit breaker, etc. Everyone is in a good state of maintenance is essential for home security.

Cifelli Electrical Inc. has been providing reliable service to customers in the Princeton area since 2004, when Mike Twarkusky and Anthony Tallone founded the company. Earlier, dating back 50 years, it was a Princeton pillar under the aegis of the owner and founder John Cifelli.

“Both my co-owner Mike Twarkusky and I started at Cifelli in 1986,” says Tallone. “We were still in high school when we started working for John as apprentices. So we both continued our education and became electricians. “

Domestic wiring

Now located on Airpark Road, adjacent to Princeton Airport, the company offers everything from installing ceilings and ceiling fans to connecting new appliances, including stove, oven and hob, to dedicated lines for computers and wiring. custom home.

In addition, the installation of the generator and the lighting of the external landscape are other specialties.

Generators have become an important part of the business, Tallone reports. “We have always worked with large-scale generators for companies, but now homeowners want them too. Today, in many cases, homes have become small companies in terms of energy thanks to the technology and the amount of energy they consume “.

People want to be prepared for emergencies in the event of severe storms and power outages, and Cifelli is a certified Kohler generator dealer, who installs and assists the unit, and also provides assistance to Generac generators.

It’s important to advise people on safety issues, Mike Twarkusky points out. Whether it’s the need to replace smoke or carbon dioxide detectors, to check the dryer system or to replace old wiring, Cifelli is ready to help and is always ready to provide assistance in an emergency.

As for security issues, Cifelli will provide security checks for homeowners at a cost. Tallone notes that “With older houses, the best bet is to change the devices: that is, plugs and switches. You want to be sure there is a tight connection. Loose connections and old frayed cables are potential fire hazards. If it’s an old battered cable, throw it out. “

Design and installation

The company also has an intense commercial activity, having completed many projects in the area, including for local companies, clubs and other organizations.

“Whether you need to maintain your current electrical system or want a totally new electrical system, we can successfully guide you through the design and installation,” says Twarkusky.

Among the services are the lighting design for comfort, productivity and energy saving; computer and communication cabling; revision of electrical drawings and plans; energy distribution; generators and UPS systems; maintenance specialist; and troubleshooting power problems, among others.

As in any company, Cifelli has seen many changes due to advances in technology. As Tallone notes, “Technology has changed a lot in all ways. With smartphones, there is now instant access. It has changed our business. You can take a picture of something on the spot and send it back to the office. I remember when people had beeps! “

Change technology

Emphasize that sometimes problems can also be solved over the phone. “We can talk to people and get to know the problem. Usually I can give them a baseball price, depending on the time needed and the material. And then, if it’s a minor problem, I might even be able to help them solve the problem on the phone.

“In addition, thanks to all the evolving technology, we have continuous training. Keeping up to date is the biggest challenge, especially with the changes to the code book. I am very excited, however, that the quality and technology of lighting are in constant progress. It keeps us on guard. It evolves and changes continuously. “

And there is never a dull moment, he adds. “One day we can be in a small house repairing a light and be on a staircase in Nassau street to install electrical pipes in a building the next day.”

In line with its wide range of services, Cifelli now also installs Tesla car charging equipment.

The owners emphasize that Cifelli is ready to accept jobs of any size and over the years the company has built up a lasting reputation and has gained the loyalty of many regular customers.

“We have been present in this sector for over 30 years and there is always a surprise. We move from a two bedroom house to a nine bedroom building and all the rest. We meet people of all kinds with different backgrounds and experiences. it’s a great job with great opportunities. “

Solve problems

They must also be ready for anything, they explain. “We got calls from homeowners when half the house is out of electricity and 40 people come for dinner!”

Customer interaction is the part of the job that office manager Carole Twarkusky enjoys most. “Having something to do with customers and helping to solve their daily problems, large or small, is what I like best.

“Also, now during the virus period, we still go to people’s positions and practice social distances, wear masks and keep all the work areas clean after doing the work.

“Remember, we have a long history of quality services and we can’t wait to help you with your electrical needs. When you call us, if you don’t receive an immediate reply, be sure to leave a message or send me an email. We will be back soon. “

Cifelli obtained the highest score from the Better Business Bureau and is a member of the Central Jersey Electric League, the International Association of Electrical Inspector and the National Electrical Contractors Association.

IThese hours are currently Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 16:30, and can be reached at (609) 921-3238, with calls returned as soon as possible. The email is carolecifelli1@gmail.com. Website: www.cifellielectrical.com.


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