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The Savannah African Art Museum is calling for the presentation of a virtual exhibition


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Savannah African Art Museum is curating a virtual exhibit for children to have an outlet where their voices can be heard.

The museum is asking for national nominations for the project called “… And The Children Speak”.

The museum staff says they want to create a platform where children can express themselves through art during these difficult times.

The artwork can relate to pandemic management, recent social justice events, or other life changes. Works of art in all forms are welcome and will be featured on their website.

“As an art museum, I felt it was a good thing for us to give children the opportunity to express themselves through art and ask them, ‘how do you feel about what’s going on?'” Said Lisa Jackson , SAAM education coordinator. “So we just thought this was going to be something they can somehow unzip it into.”

“Whether art reflects their feelings about these sudden life experiences, provides them with an outlet to release stress, or is simply an artistic expression via realism, abstract or symbolism, all proposals are welcome,” added Jackson. .

Participants aged 18 and under can submit artwork in the form of a sketch, painting, collage, quilt, sculpture, performance (videotaped dance, singing, spoken word art) or written words (poems, short stories). Nominations can also be a collaborative effort with friends, family, classmates, or other groups.

Jackson says art projects can build positive mental images, promote feelings of calm and relaxation, and engage anxious young minds in the creative process.

“From the absence of routine to the explosion of images that crossed their television screens, depicting peaceful and violent protests around the world, demonstrations of solidarity and antagonism, opposing views of history and passionately discussed racial issues,” Jackson said. “The past few months have really had an impact on the nation’s youth.”

All submissions must be sent to ljackson@savannahafricanartmuseum.org with the subject “And children speak submission” by Monday 30 November.

All entries must include the title of the art (if nominated), artist name, age and city / state / country; and the name of the group, school, club or organization that contributed to the presentation (if applicable).

Entries must adhere to the following formats:

  • The images must be sent in digital format as jpeg, png or pdf in high resolution
  • Presentations written in words must be photographed and then transcribed in digital format (jpeg, png or pdf) once sent.
  • Submitted videos must be sent in MP4 format with a maximum duration of two minutes.

For more information or inquiries, call 912-721-7735.


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