The savvy woman’s foolproof hack to see if jeans fit without even trying them on

While most of us like the idea of ​​retail therapy, trying on clothes has become a no-go as stores are now starting to reopen in the UK. coronavirus the locking is relaxed.

And even when we were able to try on clothes before buying, it’s not always the most pleasant experience.

The changing rooms are tiny, often too hot, and most of the time have unflattering lighting – not the best way to start a shopping spree.

And jeans can be by far the most difficult garment to source.

If they fit your legs, chances are they don’t match your size and vice versa, which means it’s almost impossible to buy them before trying them on.

But that’s no longer the case because a woman claims to have found a surefire way to test if a pair of jeans will fit you without having to head to the locker room.

Billie says there is an easy way to see if a pair of jeans will fit you without trying them on

Billie Newland said that you can easily determine if a pair of jeans is suitable by holding them against your forearm.

She said, “Choose a pair of jeans and stick your arm inside the belt. If there is a big gap between your elbow, your hand and the end of your jeans, then they are too big.

“On the other hand, if your [forearm] does not fit inside the belt, then they are too small. “

If when you put your forearm inside there is a gap, they are too big

And added: “But if you find a pair of jeans where your elbow and arm are perfectly adjusted, it’s your perfect pair.”

In another video, Billie also explains that you can also find the length of your jeans by measuring it against your arm – but not in the same way.

If you can’t put your arm in jeans at all, they’re too small

She said, “Take jeans and stretch it over your wingspan” – directly to the side.

“If you stretch them and they stick out beyond your fingertips, then it’s going to be too long.

“If you take a pair and [have to bend your elbow] then they are too short. “

The jeans to watch out for are the ones that allow you to comfortably extend your arm.

His video received nearly 270,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people praising his idea of ​​saving time.

One person said, “Good advice. Thank you!”

Another also suggested: “Also, if the waist wraps around your neck, that’s fine too.”

A third admitted: “I use this hack all the time.”

Weird News from Mirror Online

But not everyone is convinced.

One person asked, “What if you have a belly?”

Another added, “What about these XXXL people … that’s not true. The only way is to try them.”

A third said: “My body is too disproportionate for this.”

And: “What if I eat a hamburger just before I go shopping?”

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