The Script concert review is like meeting an old friend who is cooler than before. with music to send positive energy to life

a concert THE SCRIPT REACHES THE BIGGEST TOUR OF 2022 by Live Nation Tero, a collection of hit songs worthy of The Script Family fan status, all enjoying themselves as if they were sitting in a time machine going back in time to when they fell in love with each song , all notes of them. Next time they will definitely come back to us.

The rainy night of September 28 at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani was originally the day when fans of The Script Family or The Script reunited after he came to Thailand in 2018 or 4 years ago, long enough due to COVID-19, but the time this is The Script back with us on a Greatest Hits concert tour, which means a show full of hits that will have everyone screaming out loud. since the introduction and singing with almost every word And it’s like that in reality.


20.35 Members The script The stage can be decorated with a transformable LED partition, beautifully arranged for each musician’s position. Lead singer Danny sends positive energy into every seat with stage effects, and the confetti makes a grand appearance from the very first song. “Superheroes” continue “Rain” That matched the atmosphere of the rain outside the hall at that time. and take everyone back to the first song that The Script introduced himself as an official artist with “We Cry” Until now, the memories we used to pick up CDs of The Script, sit and listen to them while looking at the booklets one by one in the old house come back like a flashback.

Danny Danny O’Donoghue The lead singer said he misses Thailand a lot, it hasn’t been long and he has good memories. for here a lot Including drunkenness 5 days in a row, and when he took the Irish (famous for being a party animal) in Bangkok (Land of big party people too) so it’s as reckless as you can see. before he invited the fans to get up and dance to a mix of Irish musical instruments such as “Painting the Town Green” that some fans are making projects to turn the mobile phone screen green during this song


After inviting fans Return to the realm of reverie with beautiful songs But the instrument delivered full force with “The Immovable Man” famous songs that can be sung all over the world, “Before the Worst” a “Dare You Doubt Me” The newest song they have written and released during their concert tour, The Script surprised the boys by asking to play next to them. The audience seat on the left side of the stage close at hand and play music “If you could see me now” acoustic Then he said Who wants to call an ex-boyfriend now, call now. just play a song “Nothing” Live for him to listen to him. There are fans who really call their lovers. Danny picked up the phone and told the other side to listen to music. And don’t hang up and start singing “Nothing” Listen carefully before inviting everyone in the hall to say goodbye to the caller with the words “Goodbye assh**e” It can be said that it is a great surprise that, even though he was humiliated, he is secretly jealous of the person on the line.

Then the Script march moved to the same stage with songs “Something Unreal”, “Arms Open” before going into the end of the show with popular songs that everyone can sing along to every word “Speak You Down” a “For the first time” and left the encore with the last verse of the song as “Oh, these times are hard. Yes, they drive us crazy. don’t give up on me baby” and came back to close the show in the most beautiful and memorable way with “No Good Bye”, “Cost Recovery” and “Hall of Fame” that sends a fighter’s power to everyone in the hall thoroughly With a promise to return without having to wait up to 4 years for sure.


The veteran, the good entertainment in Danny, the lead singer of The Script is still there, the sound power is still abundant. Although some strokes have some fatigue symptoms to see But it does not destroy the atmosphere or the tone of the song in any way. The light and sound are as full and beautiful as ever. It’s a shame that it’s just over 1.30 that we can’t record every hit song we want to listen to as it’s a Greatest Hits concert. If the show is a bit longer. we might hear “Six Degrees of Separation”, “Man on Wire”, “The Last Time” and others

Hopefully next time we see The Script won’t be in the next 4 years as Danny actually said.

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