The Security Council should mediate the referendum on the incorporation of territories occupied by Russia

The Chinese government demanded that the UN Security Council play a mediating role in the ceasefire in relation to the referendum on the annexation of occupied Ukraine, which is being held by Russia.

Asked for comments on the Security Council’s discussion in response to the Russian referendum at a regular briefing on the 27th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Won-bin said, “The Security Council, as the core of the security system on the international joint, make full use of the joint security system. conciliation and arbitration tools given by the UN Charter to make full use of the ceasefire We must follow the right direction for peace and promote peace and take steps particularly constructive and responsible,” he said.

Spokesman Wang said that the Chinese government’s current stance on the war in Ukraine includes respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, adhering to the purpose and principles of the United Nations Charter, giving importance to the reasonable security concerns of all sides, and supporting all efforts that are n favorable to resolve the crisis peacefully, Wang said.

“China’s position on the Ukraine issue has always been on the side of peace, encouraging peace and facilitating negotiations,” he added.

Voting in favor of annexation, which began on the 23rd (local time) in four regions, including Luhansk and Donetsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine, and Zaporiza and Kherson Oblast in the south, ends on the 27th.

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