The Steam version of the racing game “Need for Speed​​​​Heat” is 95% off to 475 yen

An open world racing game developed by Ghost Games.Speed ​​Heat Needed]From September 29th (Thursday) to October 12th (Wednesday),95% off promotion at 475 yenstart

Also, in line with this sale, the DLC “map key“aFree delivery started.The period is until October 5th (Wednesday) 2:00 at Japan time, so if you don’t have it, let’s get it.

(Image from the Need for Speed™ Heat Steam page)
(Image from the Need for Speed™ Heat Steam page)

Need for Speed ​​Heat is a racing game released by EA in 2019. Set in “Palm City”, players use “CASH” during the day to buy different car parts in official races, and ” REP” to gain fame in illegal street races at night. The more prestige you have, the more races you can take part in and the better parts you can get.

In the night race, police cars and armored vehicles appear. Players can enjoy a more thrilling race by driving while being chased by police vehicles.

(Image from the Need for Speed™ Heat Steam page)

The developer, Ghost Games, stopped updating the crossplay implementation update on June 9, 2020, and is currently focusing on developing the latest work.

Such work is an external database site”SteamDBAccording to the information of “, in the saleLow price of updated record and maximum number of simultaneous connectionsand at the time of writing the articleMore than 20,000 players are racing at the same time.

Speed ​​Heat Needed]is currently available on Steam for 475 yen, 95% off. In conjunction with this sale, the “Map Key” DLC will be distributed for free, so don’t forget to get it.

Need for Speed™ Heat Steam Page

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