The tennis star embarked on the ATP. According to her, it endangers the health of players

He missed tennis and could not wait to return to the courts, but had to postpone it due to coronavirus. Now that the former world number one tried a domestic charity tournament last week, but how will it go on? Andy Murray doesn’t like the tournament program that the ATP Tennis Professionals Association has come up with. “It’s not safe for players,” says the British tennis player.

The men’s tennis tournaments should start again in mid-August. It will be played in Washington, followed by Cincinnati in New York, followed by the US Open, and then the tennis players will head to Europe for Kitzbühel, Madrid and Rome. But Andy Murray doesn’t like that.

Although the British tennis player can’t wait to play in the grand slams again, he doesn’t consider the inflated ATP program cleverly devised. “Playing a quarterfinal or semi-final in New York and then flying to Madrid at a different altitude and on clay that hasn’t been played for a long time is not safe for players,” Murray said on

“It simply came to our notice then. I think it’s likely that many top tennis players will miss a few big tournaments because of that, “said the three-time grand slam winner, who returned to the courts after seven months last week. He healed the injured groin and now played in a home charity tournament called the Battle of the British.

He won twice and lost twice. However, according to him, the results were not so important for him, it was mainly about finding out how his body can withstand the load. “I hope that after these matches, the hip and groin will be fine. My priority is clear, I want to be completely fit for grand slams, “added Murray.

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