The total box office of the National Day file was more than 700 million, and “The Way Back” won the champion of the box office.

At the moment, “Homecoming” is at the top of the National Day archives this year.

As of 15:00 on October 3, the 2022 National Day box office exceeded 700 million yuan, and “Wan Li Homecoming” received a box office of 469 million yuan, accounting for 67% of the National Day box office.

According to Lighthouse Professional Edition data, at 8:00 am on October 3, the box office of the film “Returning Miles” on the third day (October 2) of 185.7 million was higher than the box office of the previous day (October 1) of 184.7 million. Since September 30, “The Journey Home” has won the daily box office champion for four consecutive days.

“Return Miles” is directed by Rao Xiaozhi, written by Qin Haiyan, Shishi, Lei Zhilong, and Beijing Bu Committee, supervised by Guo Fan and Wang Hongwei, with Zhang Yi, Wang Junkai, Yin Tao, and Zhang Zixian stars There are many listed companies behind “The Journey Home”, including Huace Film and Television (300133.SZ), Hengdian Film and Television (603103.SH), China Film (600977.SH) and Shanghai Film (601595 .SH). In addition, Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co, Ltd, Shanghai Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co, Ltd, and Douyin Culture (Xiamen) Co, Ltd also participated.

It is worth noting that this National Day file “Returning Thousands of Miles” also encountered a few episodes. On October 2, the official blog of “Wan Li Homecoming” published a statement saying that it will use online data comparison and online/offline manual monitoring to resist box office theft, and provide a reporting method.

A total of 7 new films will be released on National Day this year, which are still dominated by the main theme films, along with cartoons. Currently, “Ordinary Hero” is second in the National Day box office, with an organized box office of 58.06 million yuan, and “Hello, Brother” is third with 33.22 million yuan.

Since the “National Day” in 2019, the main theme film has been a very important part, and this trend has continued this year.

The most popular films in the archives of the National Day in 2019 are the popular films of three main themes – “My Motherland and Me”, “Captain of China” and “The Climber”. The box office of these three films accounted for about 97% of the total box office of the National Day file.

In the 2020 National Day, the main theme film “My Hometown and Me” leads the market with 1.87 billion yuan, and “Win the Championship”, which has an organized box office of 359 million yuan, is also the main theme movie again. Based on this calculation, the box office of the main theme film accounted for about 56% of the National Day file that year.

In 2021, the National Day file closed with a box office of 4.385 billion yuan, and the film “Changjin Lake” led the box office with 3.09 billion yuan, breaking the box office record of the “National Day file”.

Regarding the development of main theme films, Sun Jiashan, an associate researcher at the China Academy of Arts, told that the success mark of the fourth stage of theme films is that they are compatible with commercial films. It does not mean that the main theme of the big production and the high concept blockbuster is called the main theme. Small and medium commercial films with realistic themes can also play the role of the main theme.

Sun Jiashan gave an example: “”Wolf Warrior 2″ is a contemporary reality theme, which has commercial type characteristics and the values ​​of the main theme.” “The Journey Home” also has the same logic in this regard, and this is true. integration will become more and more rich and diverse in the future.”

Regarding the box office performance of this year’s National Day file, Sun Jiashan believes that due to the impact of the epidemic, the overall production capacity of the film is not sufficient, and the supply of specific types is also insufficient. the box office is hard to surpass last year’s National Day file with “Changjin Lake”. However, he is relatively cautiously optimistic, and believes that the entire film market still shows a trend of continued recovery.

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