The UN Security Council is likely to hold a public meeting to discuss North Korea’s missile provocation

photo credit: Yonhap News

A meeting of the United Nations Security Council is expected to be convened to discuss the issue of North Korea’s provocation of an intermediate-range ballistic missile.

Citing US government officials, Reuters reported that the US will soon demand a public meeting of the Security Council.

A meeting is convened if none of the member countries opposes the request for an open meeting of the Security Council.

It is explained that this is because China and Russia, who have veto rights as permanent members of the Security Council, have a negative stance on additional sanctions against North Korea.

In particular, at the urgently convened Security Council meeting in March following North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile test launch, China expressed its opposition to strengthening international sanctions, saying, “You must not do anything that will makes the situation worse.”

In 2017, the Security Council adopted Resolution 2397, which included provisions that automatically strengthen sanctions on the supply of oil to North Korea if North Korea fires an additional intercontinental ballistic missile when North Korea launched the Hwasong-15 missile in 2017.

The missile North Korea fired over Japan this time is a medium-range ballistic missile believed to be the Hwasong-12 type.

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