The unit price of the delivery terminal is 1.549 million, the two-color green milk cap is 1.555 million, and the CMC Veryca A180 Lingli lift head camper quotation is out | U-CAR news

U-CAR has only previously reported that Zhonghua Automobile has launched a new car color of milk cap green for the Veryca A180, and even launched a customized lift head kit at the same time can be purchased at an additional price, as well as weekly camping. kit set, especially the lift-top which can be legally listed The identity of the camper has sparked a hot topic! However, previously, the price of the Veryca A180 in milk cap green color that Zhonghua Automobile announced is only 608,000 for a 5-seat self-displacement van and 655,000 for a five-seat self-displacement passenger car. not including the lift head kit.

Today, the relevant pre-sale prices at the dealer have been released. The price of the Veryca A180 camper with lift-top package is 1.549 million for the monochrome model and 1.555 million for the two-tone milky green model on car form . As for the EGOE camping packages imported from Europe, the price is 220,000 yuan per group.

10/5 afternoon editor’s note: After U-CAR inquired about Zhonghua Automobile, Zhonghua Automobile said that the price above is indeed the pre-sale price currently communicated by the dealer. Zhonghua Automobile further noted that the current adjusted price of 900,000 yuan for the lift camper is made by Qianyang Technology Company based on the content of relevant equipment of the lift-top, and Zhonghua Automobile did not increase the price for the final price of the camper other than the discount of the vehicle itself.

Previously, Zhonghua Automobile only announced the price of the new car color, and did not announce the price of the imported lift package and camping package.

Previously, Zhonghua Automobile pointed out in the official press release that this Veryca A180 lift head kit, which integrates the lift loft design, has been converted into a camper. It was authorized by the original factory of Zhonghua Automobile and ‘to be legally modified by Qianyang. Technology. , The lift head modification kit can create two independent spaces on the upper and lower floors, and provide equipment such as car side tents and drawer style counters suitable for camping life.

The Veryca A180 head lift kit is authorized by Zhonghua Automobile Factory and legally modified by Qianyang Technology.

European EGOE imported camping kits, 220,000 for 1 set at the dealer

The imported European 220,000 EGOE camping kit is completely different from the Qianyang Technology lift-top kit. The European imported EGOE camping kit is suitable for the installation of Veryca A180 general vans. It was introduced by the domestic manufacturer Fukang. The biggest feature is that it does not need to adjust the interior space The material is also made of high pressure laminates certified for moisture and flame retardant fabrics and easy to clean The camping kit can be placed directly in the car It includes kitchen equipment, bedding, and the whole camping kit can be placed in the trunk of the A180 when not in use, without affecting ride function’ the original vehicle.

The photo shows another camping set imported by European EGOE sold for 220,000, which includes bedding and kitchen equipment.

However, when Zhonghua Automobile issued a press release before, the quotation for the above lift head modification and camping kits imported from European EGOE was quite low, and did not reveal the actual price. At that time, only the general lift-off model with the new two-tone green colored milk coating was 608,000 for a 5-seat self-displacement van and 655,000 for a five-seat self-displacement. passenger car.

The new milky green color is only available for 5-seat passenger vans and 5-passenger cars. The price of the new car color is 608,000 and 655,000, which is 6,000 yuan more than the general car color.

The price of the lift top camper is 1.549 million and 1.555 million, which is 900,000 more than the general model

And U-CAR has now got hold of the price of the revamped vehicle with the Veryca lift-top champer that many readers are most concerned about. Zhonghua Automobile dealer reported a price of 1.549 million for the single color model and 1.555 million for the two-color model milk cover green model The price of a 5-seater bus is 649,000 yuan in monochrome and 655,000 yuan in two colors. It can be said that the price is 900,000 yuan more.

Readers are most concerned about the price of the modified vehicle for the Veryca lift-top camper Zhonghua Automobile dealers reported 1.549 million for the one-color model and 1.555 million for the two-color milk cover green model. It can be said that the price to be 900,000 yuan more than the general model.

This 900,000 lift camping kit legally modified by Qianyang Technology, from detailed dealer information, includes manual lift roof, lift head sleeping mattress, Fiamma car side tents, 40 liter water tank and integrated external transfer water supply device Type, mobile board table, integrated tailwind board positioning rack, rear air conditioner, power supply system, vehicle fire extinguisher, sewage bucket and other configurations.

This set of 900,000 lift-top camping kits legally modified by Qianyang Technology includes manual lift roof, lift-top sleeping mattress, Fiamma car side tents, car fire extinguishers, sewage buckets and other devices.

Currently, Zhonghua Automobile is also holding 6 lectures on “Lingli Car Parking‧Agoring in Taiwan” in the North, Middle and South centers respectively from 10/15 to 11/19. At that time, the CMC Veryca A180 modified camper will appear on the scene.. U-CAR will continue to track relevant trends and bring the latest reports to readers directly.

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