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With the release of the iPhone 14, the official version of Apple’s iOS 16 will finally be updated on September 13! Has everyone upgraded to iOS 16? If you are still waiting and watching, today the editor will introduce the key features of this update to everyone. If you have updated your friends, you can also see if there are any new features that you have not discovered again! Let’s have a look!

iOS16 Update Features | 1. Customize the lock screen

The first function is the long-awaited personal lock screen function. Now you can set the color and font of the time displayed on the lock screen according to your own preferences. If the background picture of the lock screen you choose has a person, you will be smart even Choose the depth of field function, let the characters jump in front of the time, so that the face is not blocked by the time! In addition, you can put up to 4 widgets on the lock screen, so that everyone can display the information they want to receive immediately on the lock screen according to their needs!

This time, on the background of the custom lock screen, Apple has also introduced many interesting new options, such as “Emoji Background”, you can choose up to 6 kinds of Emoji you like, 5 kinds of Emoji display arrangements , and set your own unique super Cute emoji lock screen; there is also an “astronomical background” which can choose to show the earth, the moon or the solar system.

image source: PopDaily

image source:Apple’s official website

image source:PopDaily

update function iOS16|2. One click to take the picture

Another great feature of iOS16 this time is that by long pressing the characters in the photos and videos in the album, the characters can be cut out and placed in a message or memo app such as iMessage or LINE, equivalent to one- finger touch Back, very fast and convenient!

image source:PopDaily

iOS16 update function | 3. Display battery power percentage

Many Apple users have previously expressed that they want to display the remaining battery percentage directly on the battery icon on the top right of the phone, so that there is no need for an additional action drop-down menu to see the correct battery that is remaining, so this time Apple also shows the battery percentage. iOS 16 function is given in iOS16, but some people say that they are still used to see the color of the icon to indicate the battery level, because it is more intuitive, it depends on which display mode you like, and you can set it according to your own preferences! In addition, I would like to remind everyone that due to the width of the screen bangs, the battery percentage display does not support four models including iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini.

image source:PopDaily

iOS16 update function | 4. Lock screen notifications expand from below

After updating to iOS16, the notifications on the lock screen will be expanded from the bottom. In addition to the fact that widgets can now be placed on the lock screen, the notifications shown below also allow users easy click to see the contents of the notification when using the iPhone with one hand!

image source:Apple’s official website

update function iOS16|5. The original text is smarter

The “Original Text” function launched in iOS15 has also been upgraded this time. Originally, it can only recognize the text on the picture, and perform actions such as copying and pasting. Now even the text in the video can be recognized! You can also easily copy text from videos in the future. In addition, the text on the photo or video can also be translated directly, which is very convenient!

image source:Apple’s official website

iOS16 update function | 6. Delete and merge duplicate photos

I believe that women who love to take photos have many photos in their mobile phones, and they take up a lot of mobile phone capacity. Now Apple has introduced the function of detecting duplicate photos in albums. Users can choose to delete the duplicate photos or copy the duplicate photos directly. Merge, so you can free up the capacity originally used by duplicate photos!

image source:PopDaily

iOS16|7 update function. Album lock

If there are some private photos that you don’t want others to see, everyone will use the hidden photos function, but you can still see the hidden photos when you click into the “Hidden Photos” album, so now after updating iOS16, “Hidden Photos” and “Recently Deleted” albums will be locked directly, if you want to see them, you must use Face ID to open the albums!

image source:PopDaily

update function iOS16|8. Other update functions

– iCloud shared library

– Post scheduling, cancel delivery function

– Medication tracking

– Can also be unlocked with Face ID in landscape orientation

-Safari Shared Tab Groups

– iPhone keyboard typing with vibration feedback

– Lock screen shows full screen music player

– Newly designed video player interface

Do you think the features of this Apple iOS16 update are useful? After the editor update, the lock screen customization function will only play all day! Friends who haven’t updated can update soon!

image source:PopDaily

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