The US survey reaffirms that 1 in 3 coronavirus cases will face prolonged coronavirus problems

Doctor Thira reveals that coronavirus in Germany has resurfaced again a live cause Raising the results of a study of the US city, reinforcing the long covids, pointing out that the numbers are close to the noble city There will be a third of those who are infected face Long COVID.

06 October 2022 – Dr. Teera Worathanarat, Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Medicine Posted on Facebook about the Covid-19 situation on October 6, 2022 yesterday, 355,246 more people worldwide, 759 more deaths, a total of 624,600,039 infected, 6,553,899 of deaths, the top 5 infected people are France, Taiwan, Italy, Japan and South Korea.

Yesterday, countries from Europe and Asia had the number of new infections occupying nine of the top 10 and 17 of the top 20 in the world. The number of new infections every day in the world now. from Asia and Europe together accounted for 95.14 percent of the world’s population, while the number of deaths accounted for 77.33%.

… Thailand’s epidemic situation There are no daily reports of illness and death. making it impossible to assess

… epidemic in Germany
Gerstung M from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. noted that A new outbreak is erupting now The outbreak strain is still BA.5 BA.5.x, likely due to reduced immunity. and daily life without protection Consistent with other European countries, so we must be careful in our daily lives. Because there will be more cases at the end of this year for the same reason.

… Long COVID in America The US Census Bureau released its latest survey yesterday, October 5, 2022.
Found that about a third of people infected with COVID-19 experience Chronic COVID (29.6%), with nearly 80% reporting an impact on daily life. and one in four (25.1%) reported a significant impact on daily life Currently, 15% of those who have contracted COVID-19 reported having Long COVID symptoms

This American survey report The proportion of people affected in their daily life by experiencing Long COVID is similar to the UK survey results. It reinforces us to recognize the importance of constant self-defense. Wearing a mask correctly can greatly reduce the risk. Preventing yourself from getting infected is the best thing.

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