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The Voice of Germany: After Sido, another juror leaves the show


Updated June 29, 2020, 9:45 a.m.

It was only announced a few days ago: Sido will no longer be part of “The Voice of Germany”. However, the rapper is not the only jury member to leave the casting show. Who it has now hit and who is potentially taking the wheel.

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The wave of change at the popular music show “The Voice of Germany“doesn’t seem to be tearing down. After the broadcaster ProSieben recently confirmed that rapper Sido will no longer be in the new season, “Bild” now reports on the next exit: singer Alice Merton is also said to have left the jury.

Alice Merton: Aus bei “The Voice of Germany”?

A broadcaster confirmed the paper: “Alice Merton will not be in the anniversary season of ‘The Voice of Germany’. “Troubled times before the start of the tenth season of the casting show.

If Merton actually left the show, her career on “The Voice” would only last for one season. All that was left was the two musicians Rea Garvey and Mark Forster. According to the “picture”, it is not yet known who will succeed Alice Merton.

Sido found successor?

On the other hand, things are different with the successor for ex-jury members Been out. As the “picture” from production circles wants to know, a lady who is already well known to the audience should follow him: Yvonne Catterfeld should return to the show for the anniversary season.

Yvonne Catterfeld was there from 2016 to 2019. As a great coach and warm-hearted person, the singer enriched the show, thought “The Voice” at the time. According to Catterfeld, the show was her “biggest challenge ever”. It is not yet known whether she will face this challenge again in 2020. The broadcaster has not yet confirmed any new jury members.
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After eight weeks of hide-and-seek, the solution followed: The “Mole” was revealed in the SAT.1 adventure show. Another candidate was delighted with the prize.

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