“The whole nation is suspicious of ‘my ears are wrong'”… Yoo Seung-min speaks out over swearing controversy

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Regarding the controversy surrounding President Yoon Seok-yeol’s offensive language during his visit to the United States and the subsequent explanation from the presidential office, Yoo Seung-min said, “What is worse than a lie is a lie.” “The naked king is only an object of ridicule.”

On the 25th, former lawmaker Yoo said on his Facebook page, “I heard that the presidential office confirmed this to President Yoon, so all the people had to wonder if my ears were wrong when I played.” r video over and over again.”

Former Rep. Yoo said, “The president knows what he’s talking about.” He stressed, “If you lose trust, nothing will work. Honesty is the best.”

Earlier, on the 21st (local time), after leaving the meeting room after the ‘Global Fund Financial Commitment Meeting’ hosted by US President Joe Biden in New York on the 21st (local time), the President Yoon to Foreign Minister Park Jin and others , “If these XXs do not approve in the National Assembly, Biden will What should I do because I am embarrassed?” The scene was revealed and caused much controversy. In response, Kim Eun-hye, head of public relations, clarified that the comment was not related to the US side, saying that it was not ‘Biden’ but ‘flying’.

Representative Yoo pointed out that the KORUS currency exchange problem was not properly dealt with in relation to the ‘king dollar’ issue.

Former Representative Yoo said, “We can’t even say anything about the Korea-US currency exchange, and now the Deputy Prime Minister of the economy is saying, ‘The Korea-US currency exchange is premature.’

On the same day, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Choo Kyung-ho appeared on KBS1TV’s ‘Sunday Diagnosis Live’ and explained, “The United States is in a position to look at the situation in terms of the need for exchange money or other liquidity supply devices as our position is healthy.”

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