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Nowakowski said Sirius is “definitely not a small game” and “definitely not a mobile game”, instead it will be aimed at players who are interested in the “Witcher” series but don’t necessarily want to play ” hardcore role-playing games.” like the previous trilogy. And it’s not an open world game either.

When CDPR officially announced Sirius yesterday, it confirmed that the game “will provide a multiplayer experience on top of the single-player game that includes the story and missions.”

And according to previous job ads from The Molasses Flood studio, it appears to be a spin-off of The Witcher, codenamed Sirius:

  • It will still stick to the cartoon style. Previously, the studio’s “Flame of the Flood” and “Darke Hollow” were cartoonish.

  • There may also be procedurally generated levels

  • These systems will be integrated into the story (Senior Narrative Designer on LinkedIn said he is designing and implementing procedural narrative systems for the new game)

  • The job advert mentions different enemy types and weapons, behavior trees, an upgrade system, as if to suggest that there will be meat pigeons or survival elements

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