The WNC Veterans Center hosts 9/11 commemorative events this week at the Carson City | campus Carson City Nevada News

CARSON CITY – Almost two decades have passed since the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda sinisterly carried out the single deadliest human terrorist attack ever by crashing hijacked passenger airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

In remembrance of the 2,977 lives lost in that tragedy, the Western Nevada College Veterans Resource Center and Wildcat Veterans Club invite students, staff and the community to attend the 9/11 anniversary commemorative events Thursday and Friday on the Carson campus. City.

On Thursday September 10, the public is invited to join the WNC campus in a flag planting event at 8.45am in front of the Bristlecone Building. To honor the lives lost in this tragedy, 2,977 American mini flags will be planted in the lawn near the flag pole near the rotunda facing Bristlecone.

“These flags will remember the loss we have suffered, as well as the captivating spirit our country has shown,” said VRC coordinator Vincent Rivera.

On Friday 11 September, there will be exhibits and an informative presentation inside and outside the Cedar Building. The information desk outside Cedar will feature an exploration of which news was important to the country at 8:45 am on September 11, 2001, compared to which news was important to Americans a minute later at 8:46 am.

Additionally, various information relating to the attacks, aftermath and rebuilding process that the United States has gone through will be displayed in the Cedar Building’s intermediate stairwell.

A modified exhibit will be presented on the first floor of the Cedar Building for those unable to use the stairwell presentation.

Attendees of both events will be asked to follow campus rules of wearing a face cover and socially distancing themselves from others.

“We welcome all students, staff and community members to assist in the planting of the flag and to view our exhibits,” Rivera said.

For more information, contact Rivera at

In the picture: The Western Nevada College Veterans Resource Center and the Wildcat Veterans Club planted mini American flags in front of the Bristlecone Building each year in May to raise awareness of the large number of veterans who commit suicide.


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