There are rumors of Park Min-young dating a rich hermit who is 4 years older than her… I’m filming so it’s late

Actor Park Min-young / Photo = Hankyung DB

Actor Park Min-young (36) was caught up while dating a rich man 4 years older than him.

On the 28th, Dispatch reported that “Park Min-young is in a relationship with Kang Mo, a 40-year-old rich man.”

The media reported that Park Min-young and Kang dated each other while going back and forth, and that the adults of both families also recognized, and that Kang was in the background of Park Min-young’s recent transfer to Hook Entertainment.

At the same time, suspicions arose that Park Min-young’s dating rumor, Kang, is a “suspicious rich man” as a hidden major shareholder of a domestic virtual asset exchange.

He traced Kang’s past and expressed his doubts about the process of accumulating wealth. However, Kang denied the allegations to Dispatch, saying he was not the company’s chairman.

Regarding the dating rumors, Hook Entertainment, Park Min-young’s agency, said, “Park Min-young is currently filming for the drama ‘Mon, Wed, Fel, Tue, Mok and Sat.’

Kim Soo-young, reporter at [email protected]

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